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AF-OREF OA FIT Bootcamp Registration closing August 16th

by Arthritis Foundation/OREF | Sep 20, 2019

The Arthritis Foundation (AF) and OREF leadership welcome your participation at the inaugural Osteoarthritis (OA) Fellows In Training (FIT) Bootcamp September 19-21, 2019 in Rosemont, IL. Sessions will be led by co-chairs Farshid Guilak, PhD and Richard Loeser, MD.

The goal of the FIT Bootcamp is to provide an OA-focused workshop for the next generation of researchers, ensuring they leave with a good understanding of where we currently are in the field, best practices for accelerating progress and importantly, emerging areas “fit” (pun intended) for collaboration! The FIT bootcamp will comprise interactive lectures, patient panel discussions, lunch breakout sessions, networking dinners as well as an evening excursion to get to know OA patients and your fellow OA research community members better. Young investigators and clinician scholars can enrich their education and expand their developing professional network by meeting with leading OA researchers for direct discussions and insights regarding current state of the science needs & collaborative pathways to progress!

Space is extremely limited. We are waiving registration for trainees participating as a guest with their mentor. Once the registration limit is reached, we will start a waiting list. Register asap and don’t miss this opportunity!

Target Audience: For those who have the potential and desire to become OA scholars. Osteoarthritis scholars improve patient outcomes via innovative research and collaborative contributions. This bootcamp is designed for fellows, junior faculty, medical and graduate students and residents interested in doing more for OA patients by ensuring their research endeavors align with the most effective path for transforming knowledge to advancements in patient care.  

General session topics include:  

  • Epidemiology
  • Imaging 
  • Implants and joint replacement 
  • Post-traumatic OA 
  • Pre-clinical models of OA 
  • Models of pain in OA 
  • Biomarkers of OA 
  • Aging and OA 
  • Joint biomechanics 
  • Cartilage biomechanics 
  • Regeneration and stem cells 
  • Obesity and metabolism 
  • Industry topics 
  • Clinical trials
Click here to register by August 16, 2019.
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