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Reminder: 2017 Grant Application Deadlines Approaching

by OREF | Jun 20, 2016
The deadline to apply for 2017 funding is approaching. The deadline for grant applications (except the Resident Research Project Grant) is September 13, but three grant programs require that a letter of intent be submitted and approved by August 15th before you will be able to complete the application. Details are provided below.

What's New for 2017

•    Please note that beginning with this grant cycle, we are requesting a Letter of Intent (LOI) from each applicant for the following grants: Career Development, Prospective Clinical Research and New Investigator. The LOI must be received and approved by OREF in order for you to complete an application. The LOI submission deadline is August 15, 2016, but we encourage you to submit your letter early to allow maximum time to complete your application.
•    Resident Research Project Grants will now have three deadlines per grant cycle. The first submission deadline is September 1, 2016. Residents will be allowed to submit one application per grant cycle. Please select the deadline that best aligns with your research rotation.
•    For all other grants, applications must be submitted on or before Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

For more information, please visit our grant pages.

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