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john r. tongue, md legacy fund

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memorial gift for Dr. Tongue


Dr. Tongue was a wonderful friend to
OREF. As a long-time donor and former
trustee, he expressed a desire that gifts be
made to OREF as a meaningful way to
honor and remember him.
John Tongue, MD

How Your Gift will be Used

An integral part of Dr. Tongue's legacy is his dedication to his patients, whether advancing the causes of patient advocacy and patient safety or encouraging open and clear communication between the orthopaedic surgeon and patient. He also believed it was essential to educate patients and clinicians about the value and impact of orthopaedics to patients and society in general.

In recognition of this, and in remembrance of a dear friend and colleague, the OREF Board of Trustees decided to honor his life and memory by creating a program that would further the issues that were most important to him as a surgeon. While we are still in the early stages of development, our vision is to provide a resource for members of the orthopaedic community and others to learn more about these topics, with the ultimate goal of providing surgeons, other clinicians, staff and patients with tools to improve patient communication, and to continue communicating the value of orthopaedics.