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Research Profiles Supported by Funding

  • Benjamin C. Bengs, MD

    Stemming the Effects of Bone Loss

    Benjamin C. Bengs, MD 2010 Career Development Grant in Total Joint and Trauma Surgery

    OREF-funded study may lead to more informed preoperative THA decision making

  • Hogan_MaCalusV.,MD_2_recd100812_225X300px

    Regenerating Tendons

    MaCalus V. Hogan, MD 2008 Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant

    OREF grant recipient seeks a new normal for patients

  • A child prepares to participate in football practice while wearing a youth helmet—a scaled-down adult helmet—chinstrap in place and mouthguard dangling.

    Gridiron Protection

    Edward C. Benzel, MD Spine Prospective Clinical Research Grant

    With OREF funding, unique research team works to improve football safety

  • Matthew L. Ramsey, MD

    VTE Following Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty: Incidence and Risk Factors

    Matthew L. Ramsey, MD 2009 OREF/ASES/Rockwood Clinical Research Grant in Shoulder Care

    OREF grant recipient hopes to reduce thromboembolic events

  • Hoping for a Better Hand

    Amy L. Ladd, MD RJOS/OREF/DePuy Career Development Grant in Women’s Musculoskeletal Health.

    OREF grant recipient is looking for better ways to diagnose and treat thumb carpal metacarpal osteoarthritis.

  • Wael K. Barsoum, MD

    Hip resurfacing and total hip replacement: The biomechanics of stability

    Wael K. Barsoum, MD OREF Research Grant

    OREF grant recipients compare hip procedures

  • Ambrose,CatherineG._recd080312_4Web

    Solving the Infection Puzzle

    Catherine G. Ambrose, PhD OREF Prospective Clinical Research Grant

    OREF grant recipient researches bacterial causes of osteomyelitis

  • Jon K. Sekiya, MD

    Shouldering forward for an anatomic solution

    Jon K. Sekiya, MD Research Grant

    OREF-funded study examines shoulder stability

  • Cristin M. Ferguson, MD

    Room for Many More

    Cristin M. Ferguson, MD Clinician Scientist Award

    OREF grant recipient investigated ways to make meniscus transplants more successful

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