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Research Profiles Supported by Funding

  • Rhima M. Coleman, PhD

    Oh, My Aching Knees

    Rhima M. Coleman, PhD OREF Soft Tissue Repair and Regeneration Sports Medicine Grant in Honor Of Russell F. Warren, MD

    OREF-AOSSM grant recipient working to advance articular cartilage regeneration

  • Matthew D. Karam, MD

    Simulation Program Benchmarks Surgical Proficiency

    Matthew D. Karam, MD ABOS/OREF Surgical Skills Simulation Training for Residents Research Grant

    OREF grant recipient tests unique tool for assessing surgeons’ skills

  • Andrew J. Schoenfeld, MD, MSc

    Surgical Decisions

    Andrew J. Schoenfeld, MD OREF Prospective Clinical Research Grant

    New score aims to predict spinal metastases outcomes

  • Kenneth L. Urish, MD, PhD

    It Takes a Biofilm

    Kenneth L. Urish, MD, PhD OREF Total Joint Replacement Research Grant in Honor of Jorge O. Galante, MD | OREF Mentored Clinician-Scientist Grant

    OREF grant recipient characterizes antibiotic tolerance in periprosthetic infections

  • Stephanie A. Russo, MD, PhD

    Helping children with brachial plexus birth palsy

    Stephanie Russo, MD, PhD OREF/ORS Resident Research Project Grant

    ORS/OREF grant recipient seeks to optimize therapeutic taping

  • Christopher D Collier, MD

    Better Answers for Osteosarcoma Patients

    Christopher D. Collier, MD Resident Clinician Scientist Grant

    OREF grant recipient on the way to short- and long-term answers

  • Ryan D Ross, PhD

    Shifting the Diagnostic Timetable

    Ryan D. Ross, PhD Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS)/OREF Post-Doctoral Fellowship Grant

    OREF grant recipient searches for osteolysis biomarkers

  • Geoffrey S. Baer, MD, PhD

    Regenerative Healing: Stem Cells for Service and Delivery

    Geoffrey S. Baer, MD, PhD OREF/National Stem Cell Foundation (NSCF) Research Grant in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

    OREF grant recipient investigates regenerative options for tendon injuries

  • Ashley Levack, MD, MAS

    Making Surgery Safer and Less Costly by Reducing Blood Loss and the Need for Transfusions

    Ashley Levack, MD, MAS RJOS/OREF/DEPUY Research Grant in Women's Musculoskeletal Health

    RJOS/OREF/DePuy grant recipient leads randomized clinical trial

  • Manish S. Noticewala, MD

    Outcome Instrument Improves Care for Youth Overhead Athletes

    Manish S. Noticewala, MD OREF/TAF Resident Research Project Grant

    OREF grant recipient develops outcome instrument to evaluate shoulder and elbow injuries in young athletes

  • Martha M. Murray, MD

    Insisting on new possibilities

    Martha M. Murray, MD 2000 Resident Research Grant | 2005 Research Grant

    Two-time OREF grant recipient is unlocking the healing power of the ACL

  • DebbieY-D. Dang ,MD, PhD

    The Biology of Fracture Healing

    Debbie Yen-Dao Dang, MD, PhD Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant

    OREF grant recipient searchers for clues to new treatments

  • Amanda T. Whitaker, MD

    Form and Function

    Amanda T. Whitaker, MD

    OREF grant recipient investigates chondrocyte polarity and growth plate genesis

  • Daniel N. Bracey, MD, PhD

    Xenograft-derived Bone Scaffold Shows Promise

    Daniel N. Bracey, MD, PhD OREF Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant

    With OREF funding, researcher seeks to develop new treatment for critical bone defects

  • Phillip N. Williams, MD

    Understanding Shoulder Kinematics in Patients with Asymptomatic RCTs

    Phillip Williams, MD OREF Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant

    OREF grant recipient aims to improve early detection and rehabilitation

  • Samuel K. Cho, MD

    In Search of a Biologic for Treating Back Pain

    Samuel K. Cho, MD OREF Young Investigator Grant

    Two-time OREF grantee envisions injections to treat diskogenic pain

  • Patrick Andrew Holt, MD, PhD

    Synovial Sarcoma Treatment Strategies

    Patrick Andrew Holt, MD, PhD OREF Young Investigator Grant

    OREF grant recipient investigates molecular targets

  • Christopher J. Dy, MD, MPH

    Improving Standards of Care

    Christopher J. Dy, MD, MPH OREF Young Investigator Grant

    OREF grant recipient seeks to enhance delivery of care for patients with hip fractures through population-based research

  • Jesse E. Otero, MD, PhD

    Chondrosarcoma: a black box turns grey

    Jesse E. Otero, MD, PhD OREF resident clinician scientist training grant

    OREF grant recipient finds a way to slow tumor growth, buy time for surgical planning

  • Alexander A. Theologis, MD

    Does environmental BPA exposure affect fracture healing?

    Alexander A. Theologis, MD Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant

    Three-time OREF grant recipient undertakes a novel investigation

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