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Visionary Research Society Members

An Extraordinary Opportunity to Support Orthopaedic Research

Established in 2013, the Visionary Research Society (VRS) recognizes individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to orthopaedic research with a major gift to the OREF Research Fund. The fund supports grants for both agenda-driven and investigator-driven research. Members of both the Visionary Research Society and Shands Circle are indicated by a diamond (♦). Deceased donors are indicated by a dot (•).

OREF is pleased to recognize these extraordinary donors.

$1 Million +

Dr. John and Mrs. Kim Callaghan ♦
Dr. Jorge O. Galante • and Mrs. Sofija Galante • ♦

$250,000 - $999,999

Jeremie M. Axe, MD ♦
Michael J. Axe, MD ♦
Thomas P. Sculco, MD ♦

$100,000 - $249,999

Mr. Clyde J. Berg
Dr. Adam I. and Mrs. Julie Harris
    In Memory of Eugene Harris, MD
Dr. William and Mrs. Lynn McMaster ♦

$50,000 - $99,999

James R. Andrews, MD ♦
Thomas P. Andriacchi, PhD
Richard A. Berger, MD
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Terri Barrack ♦
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Camilla Berry ♦
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Dana Carlson ♦
Melvin and Leigh Deese
Dr. Roy Y. and Mrs. Shirley K. Hori ♦

A.E. and Penny Joiner
      in honor of Dr. James R. Andrews
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Maloney
Brad L. Penenberg, MD
Dr. Aaron and Mrs. Iris Rosenberg ♦
Peter S. Walker, PhD ♦
Russell F. Warren, MD ♦

$20,000 - $49,999

Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD ♦
Julian M. Aldridge III, MD
Answorth A. Allen, MD
Frank V. Aluisio, MD
Annunziato Amendola, MD
Dr. Richard and
    Mrs. Marguerite Angelo ♦
Avant-garde Health
Bernard R. Bach Jr., MD ♦
Drs. Dana and Sonny Bal ♦
Dr. and Mrs. Glen A. Barden
Dr. Joseph and Connie Barr ♦
Judith F. Baumhauer, MD and
     Ted Baumhauer, EdD ♦
Dr. and Mrs.
    Michael E. Berend, MD ♦
Thomas L. Bernasek, MD
Dr. and
     Mrs. Basil and Amirra Besh
Mr. Jeffrey R. Binder
Jennette L. Boakes, MD and
     Mr. David Rives ♦
Dr. Michael
    and Mrs. Kelly Bolognesi
Mr. James G. Borovsky
Dr. Mark K. and
     Mrs. Margaret Stone Bowen
Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Christi Bozic ♦
Dave and Chris Brokaw
    In memory of Jim
    and Betty Brokaw

John and Rosemary Brown ♦
Samuel I. Brown, MD
S. Terrance Canale, MD ♦
David L. Cannon, MD, MBA
Mr. George B. Cipolletti
Charles R. Clark, MD ♦
Dr. Brian and Mrs. Emily Cole ♦
Paul Collins, MD ♦
Dr. and Mrs.
    Daniel E. Cooper
Frank A. Cordasco, MD, MS ♦
Dr. David B. and
     Mrs. Linda J. Coward ♦
Alberto D. Cuellar, MD
Tal S. David, MD
Ronald E. Delanois, MD
Sanjay S. Desai, MD
Dr. David M. Dines and
     Mrs. Judith Dines ♦
Matthew B. Dobbs, MD
Dr. Lawrence D. Dorr • and
     Mrs. Marilyn Dorr ♦
Mr. Eric V. Dremel
Thomas K. Fehring, MD and
    Mrs. Anne Fehring ♦
Drs. James and Roberta Ficke
Robert D. Fitch, MD
Dr. Freddie Fu • and

Mrs. Hilda Fu ♦
Herbert S. Gates III, MD
Dr. Wayne and
    Mrs. Linda Goldstein ♦
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Jill Guy ♦
Mr. Derek A. Haas

Steven B. Haas, MD
Dr. Jo A. Hannafin and
     John P. Brisson ♦
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Harris ♦
Susan and Jim Heckman
James A. Helgager, MD
Bruce T. Henderson, MD
Alan S. Hilibrand, MD, MBA ♦
Jeffrey T. Hodrick, MD
Lawrence R.
     Housman, MD, FRCS
Jason M. Hurst, MD
Stephen S. Hurst, MD ♦
Gretta and Shep Hurwitz ♦
Ira A. Roschelle, MD

Family Foundation
Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
Dr. Joshua and Mrs. Faye Jacobs
Dr. Joseph and
    Mrs. Holly Jankiewicz
Dr. and Mrs.
     Ramon L. Jimenez ♦
Dr. William and
    Dr. Eleanore Jiranek ♦
Dr. Richard and
     Mrs. Susan Jones
Dr. James D. and
    Mrs. Ruby K. Kang
Drs. Khaled and
    Floreana Kebaish
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Keeney ♦
Scott S. Kelley, MD
Marie and Dr. John D. Kelly IV
Michael G. Klassen, MD ♦
Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Kyle ♦
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Lane
Cato T. Laurencin, MD, PhD ♦
Dr. Lawrence G.
    and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Lenke ♦
Dr. L. Scott and
     Mrs. Helga Levin ♦
Dr. David and
     Mrs. Marti Lewallen ♦
David M. Lichtman, MD
Richard and Dina Lieber
Dr. Adolph V. and
     Mrs. Anne T. Lombardi Jr. ♦
Gary M. Lourie, MD
Neil J. Maki, MD ♦
Dr. Matthew and
    Mrs. Judith Malerich ♦
Peter J. Mandell, MD
Leslie S. Matthews, MD, MBA
Dr. Eric C. McCarty and
     Mrs. Miriam McCarty ♦
Simon C. Mears, MD
Dr. Sharon and Mr. Jack Mellor
Dr. Gregory and
    Mrs. Madelyn Mencio ♦
Dr. Robert and
    Mrs. Sarah Meneghini
Frederick N. Meyer, MD • ♦
Peter J. Millett, MD, MSc
Dr. Michael and
     Mrs. Rhonda Mont ♦

Richard S. Moore Jr., MD
Carol D. Morris, MD, MS
Michael P. Muldoon, MD
Dr. Jeffrey
    and Dr. Sherry Nakano
Shane J. Nho, MD, MS
Dr. Philip C. and Mrs. Kathy Noble
Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan
Michael L. Parks, MD ♦
Theodore W.
     Parsons III, MD, FACS ♦
Michael J. Patzakis, MD
Dr. Christopher L. Peters and
     Rhondi Peters
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Plancher ♦
Steven C. Poletti, MD ♦
Andrew N. Pollak, MD ♦
Uwe R. Pontius, MD
Ellen M. Raney, MD ♦
Mrs. Traci Raridon
Dr. and Mrs.
     Wagdy S. Rizk
Dr. William Robb III and
     Mrs. Christine Robb ♦
Scott A. Rodeo, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Marsha Rothman ♦
Dr. Cheryl Rubin and
     Mr. Gordon Borteck ♦
Andrew K. Sands, MD
Dr. Richard and
     Mrs. Kathy Santore ♦
Dr. Tom and
     Mrs. Michele Schmalzried ♦
Thomas A. Schroeter, MD •
Dr. Steven and
    Mrs. Karen Schutzer
Alexandra K. Schwartz, MD
Dr. Beth Shubin-Stein
     and Dr. Christopher Ahmad
Mr. Francesco Siccardi
Mark A. Snyder, MD •
Dean G. Sotereanos, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stern ♦
Patrick M. Sullivan, MD ♦
Dr. Marc and
     Mrs. Beth Swiontkowski ♦
Dean C. Taylor, MD
Dr. John Tongue • and
     Mrs. Nancy Tongue ♦
Paul Tornetta III, MD ♦
Drs. Thomas and Lisa Vail
Nikhil N. Verma, MD
Dr. Russell and
    Mrs. Kathryn Wagner
Dr. J. Michael and
     Mrs. April Wiater
Gerald R. Williams Jr., MD ♦
Dr. Ralph and
     Mrs. Marilyn Wilson
Jocelyn R. Wittstein, MD
    and Tally Lassiter Jr., MD
♦ Member of both the Visionary Research and Shands Circle Societies