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oref leadership gifts

OREF is please to recognize the following donors who made a leadership-level gift between October 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Donors are recognized quarterly for the following gifts.

Sustaining Order of Merit: $1,000 or greater gift directed to OREF Annual Fund
Order of Merit: $1,000 or greater gift with at least $500 directed to OREF Annual Fund
Visionary Research Society: $20,000 or greater cash gift directed to OREF Research Fund
Research Fund: $1,000 or greater gift directed to the OREF Research Fund
Shands Circle Society: $20,000 or greater cash gift or $100,000 or greater deferred gift to the OREF Endowment

Sustaining Order of Merit

A-G | H-N | O-Z

Mark F. Abel, MD
Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD
John S. Adams, MD
Mark A. Adams, MD
Gerard G. Adler, MD
Jay C. Albright, MD
Answorth A. Allen, MD
Scott W. Alpert, MD
David W. Altchek, MD
Howard S. An, MD
Dr. Gunnar and Mrs. Kerstin Andersson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Angelo
Valentin Antoci, MD, PhD
Steven and Brenda Arnoczky
David E. Asprinio, MD
Luke S. Austin, MD
Jeremie Michael Axe, MD
Douglas K. Ayres, MD
Keith R. Bachmann, MD
Robert L. Barrack, MD
Robert M. Bauer, MD
M. Scott Beall Jr., MD
Michael J. Belanger, MD
James B. Bennett, MD
Robert A. Berghoff, MD
Dr. and Mrs. B. Hudson Berrey
Cameron M. Best, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Bethea
Dr. and Mrs. E. Lawrence Bingham
Theodore A. Blaine, MD
Dr. James P. and Mrs. Laurie C. Blasingame
Jason Blevins, MD
Jennette L. Boakes, MD and Mr. David Rives
Richard M. Bochner, MD
Dr. Deb Bohn and Mr. Mark Simenstad
Drs. David Bortel and Leslie Schutz
Dr. and Mrs. Mathias P. G. Bostrom
Aaron D. Boyles, DO
John K. Bradway, MD
Thomas A. Brandon, MD
Jonathan T. Bravman, MD
Ruth L. Brighton
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Marilyn Brilliant
Mark A. Broberg, MD
Stephen F. Brockmeier, MD
Daniel E. Bronsnick, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James G. Brooks Jr.
Robert H. Brophy, MD
Howard R. Brown, MD, FACS
Thomas E. Brown, MD
James A. Browne, MD
Brad R. Bruns, MD
Dr. James M. and Mrs. Tara K. Bryan
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Marny Buck
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Kathleen Buckwalter
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Bunta
Paul R. Cain, MD
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Callahan Jr.
Dr. James and Mrs. Jennifer Carpenter
James B. Carr II, MD
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Shamita Carrigan
James H. Carson, MD
Frank M. Chang, MD
A. Bobby Chhabra, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Kim J. Chillag
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Clark
Dr. Denis R. and Mrs. Mary N. Clohisy
Struan H. Coleman, MD, PhD
Edward A. Connolly, MD
M. Truitt Cooper, MD
Fred G. Corley, MD
Charles N. Cornell, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Stephanie Coutts
Quanjun (Trey) Cui, MD
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Tracy Curtin

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Haas
Steven B. Haas, MD
Ms. Karen L. Hackett
Nancy A. Hadley-Miller, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hagen
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Halsey
Matthew F. Halsey, MD
Brian R. Hamlin, MD
Derek G. Hansen, MD
Matthew L. Hansen, MD
Michael F. Harrer, MD
Hamid Hassanzadeh, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Susan Hayhurst
John H. Healey, MD
Daniel P. Hely, MD
William L. Hennrikus Jr., MD
Drs. MaCalus and Danika Hogan
Paul M. Huddleston III, MD
Alexander P. Hughes, MD
Kenneth J. Hunt, MD
Dr. Shep and Mrs. Gretta Hurwitz
Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
John M. Itamura, MD
Sravisht Iyer, MD
Joseph A. Izzi Jr., MD
Philip M. Jacobs, MD
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Nancy Jarrett
Seth A. Jerabek, MD
Dr. Ramon and Mrs. Anne Jimenez
Anne H. Johnson, MD
Darren L. Johnson, MD
David C. Johnson, MD
Gregory K. Johnson, MD
Lawrence P. Johnson, MD
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Ellen Johnston
Frederic L. Johnstone, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Jolson
Dr. Lowry and Mrs. Laura Jones
Drs. Marci Jones and Thomas Barthel
Wm. David Jones, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Kamps
Yoshihiro Katsuura, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Keeney
Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Kelly Jr.
Terence J. Kennedy, MD
Christopher J. Kleck, MD
Monica Kogan, MD
Dr. L. Andrew and Mrs. Leigh E. Koman
John Y. Kwon, MD
Louis Matthew Kwong, MD, FACS
Paul F. Lachiewicz, MD
Amy L. Ladd, MD
Dr. Jennifer C. Laine and Dr. Louis P. Kohl
Kevin W. Lanighan, MD

Stephen J. O'Brien, MD, MBA
Courtney M. O'Donnell, MD
Patrick F. O'Leary, MD
Martin J. O'Malley, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. JoAnn Ott
David C. Ou-Yang, MD
Mark A. Palumbo, MD •
Wayne G. Paprosky, MD, FACS
Joseph S. Park, MD
Michael L. Parks, MD
Michael J. Patzakis, MD
David I. Pedowitz, MD
Charles D. Pence, MD
Venkat Perumal, MD
Paul D. Peterson, MD
Drs. William and Linda Phillips
Dr. John and Mrs. Mary Place
CDR Matthew T. Provencher, MD
James J. Purtill, MD
Sheeraz A. Qureshi, MD
William G. Raasch, MD
Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Karla Rahn
Steven M. Raikin, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Chitranjan S. Ranawat
Ellen M. Raney, MD
Harold W. Rees, MD
Drs. David and Julie Richardson
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Richardson
Dr. John and Mrs. Chris Richmond
Alexander Robertson, MD
Dr. William and Mrs. Jana Robertson
Jose A. Rodriguez, MD
Mark J. Romness, MD
Howard A. Rose, MD
Dr. Steven D. K. and Mrs. Maren Ross
David L. Rubenstein, MD
Dr. Cheryl Rubin and Mr. Gordon Borteck
Jeffry F. Rubin, MD
Michael J. Ruddy, MD
Vincent J. Russo, MD
Dr. Adrian and Mrs. Amy Ryan
Robert S. Salamon, MD
John P. Salvo Jr., MD
Nicholas H. Sama, MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Rebecca Samuelson
Julia S. Sanders, MD
Steven M. Sanders, MD
H. William Schaaf, MD
Susan A. Scherl, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Judith Schmidt
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Molly Schneider
Dr. Perry and Mrs. Sally Schoenecker
Frank A. Scott, MD
James W. Scott, MD
Adam J. Seidl, MD
Stephen A. Sems, MD
Gene W. Shaffer, MD
Lawrence M. Shall, MD
Reverend Alfred R. Shands III
Francis H. Shen, MD
Mark F. Sherman, MD
Adam L. Shimer, MD
Nader A. Shourbaji, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Siatczynski
Doyle R. Sickles, MD

John K. Czerwein, MD
A. Rashard Dacus, MD
Katherine S. Dahab, MD
Aaron Daluiski, MD
Dr. Robert D. and Mrs. Barbara D'Ambrosia
Chris J. Dangles, MD
Tal S. David, MD
J. F. James Davidson, MD
Sayan De, MD
D. Nicole Deal, MD
Thomas C. Degenhardt, MD
Marc M. DeHart, MD
Carl A. Deirmengian, MD
Jonathan T. Deland, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Joanne Dellaero
Mark A. Desmond, MD
David R. Diduch, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Cherie Dimar
Christopher C. Dodson, MD
Mark M. Dolan, MD
Christopher M. Domes, MD
Mrs. Jean Donaldson and
     Dr. William F. Donaldson III
Nathan Donaldson, DO
Shevaun M. Doyle, MD
Jason L. Dragoo, MD
Jacob M. Drew, MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Carrie Duquin
Dr. David and Mrs. Beth Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Eison
Bassem T. Elhassan, MD
Dr. Mark C. and Mrs. Nancy Ann Engasser
Mr. George and Mrs. Lisa Etheridge
Andrew R. Evans, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ewald
David B. Fagan, MD
Ahmad H. Fashandi, MD
Bruce M. Faust, MD
Douglas A. Fehrman, MD
Amy K. Fenoglio, MD
Mark H. Field, MD
Ray M. Fitzgerald III, MD
Timothy C. Fitzgibbons, MD, FACS
John R. Fowler, MD
Rachel M. Frank, MD
John H. Franklin, MD
Aaron M. Freilich, MD
Richard J. Friedman, MD, FRCSC
Stuart E. Fromm, MD
Dr. Freddie and Mrs. Hilda Fu
Daniel J. Fuchs, MD
Duretti T. Fufa, MD
John W. Gainor, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David Gallagher
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Susan Garfin
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Garvin
Federico P. Girardi, MD
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Rebecca Goebel
Michael Goldman, DPM
Dr. Stuart and Mrs. Jane Goodman
Charles B. Goodwin, MD
Drs. Robert and Lisa Gorab
Christopher J. Got, MD
Daniel W. Green, MD
Stuart A. Green, MD
Kenneth A. Greene, MD
Perry W. Greene III, MD
Thomas E. Greene, MD
Gerald Q. Greenfield Jr., MD
Thomas F. Gregg, MD
Courtney M. Grimsrud, MD
Thomas B. Grollman, MD
Andrew W. Grose, MD
Lee and Nina Grossman
F. Winston Gwathmey, MD

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Dr. David and Mrs. Marti Lewallen
Wan-Ju Li, PhD
Xudong Li, MD, PhD
Jay R. Lieberman, MD
John C. L'Insalata, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Sterrett Lloyd III
Gregory D. Lopez, MD
Dr. George L. and Mrs. Eleanor R. Lucas
Phillip R. Lucas, MD
Drs. Barbara and Tres MacCollum
Philip A. Maddox, MD
Neil J. Maki, MD
Gregory B. Maletis, MD
Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Sandra Malkani
Tom A. Marberry, MD
Paul A. Marchetto, MD
Richard J. Marchiando, MD
Louis J. Mariorenzi, MD
Dr. David C. and Mrs. Stacy F. Markel
Joseph G. Martin, MD
Travis H. Matheney, MD
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Jodi Matson
Stephanie W. Mayer, MD
Steven J. McAnany, MD
Edward J. McClain III, MD and
     Michele Lozito McClain
Thomas A. McEnnerney, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Terrie McEvoy
James K. McKechnie, MD
Thomas C. McLaughlin, MD
Matthew McLean, MD
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Kathy McNally
Simon C. Mears, MD
Omer Mei-Dan, MD
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Madelyn Mencio
Mr. Stanley Mendenhall
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Patty Miller
Mark D. Miller, MD
Kristin T. Mizerik, MD
Daniel K. Moon, MD, MBA
Garrett D. Moore, DPM
Rosemarie M. Morwessel, MD
David A. Moss, MD
William J. Mott, MD
M. Siobhan Murphy-Zane, MD
Travis N. Murray, MD
Volker Musahl, MD
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Lisa Mysnyk
Edward M. Nelsen-Freund, MD
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Cathy Newton
Constantine T. Nicholas, MD
James T. Ninomiya, MD, MS
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Janice Nuber

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Dr. Michael and Mrs. Barbara Simon
Sutherland Simpson, MD
Anuj Singla, MD
Dr. Ronald W. and Mrs. Gwendolyn S. Smith
Matthew J. Smith, MD
Samuel E. Smith, MD
Samantha A. Spencer, MD
M. (Jiffy) Sraders, MD
Michael P. Staebler, MD
Van P. Stamos, MD
Andrew M. Star, MD
Jack R. Steel, MD
Paul H. Steinfield, MD
Timothy L. Stephens Jr., MD
John A. Steubs, MD
Kenneth D. Stone, MD
Harvey S. Strauss, DPM, FACFAS
S. David Stulberg, MD
Edwin P. Su, MD
Emily A. Sweeney, MD
T. Robert Takei, MD
J. Channing Tassone, MD
Dr. Vincent and Mrs. Hedy Tedone
Richard M. Terek, MD
James E. Tibone, MD
Mrs. Patricia K. Tipton
Vernon T. Tolo, MD
Marc Tompkins, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Trader
Lorence W. Trick, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Urbaniak
Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Lauren Vaccaro
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Marilyn Van Demark
Nam V. Vo, PhD
Kurt V. Voellmicke, MD
Dr. Greg and Mrs. Jodi Vrabec
Bradford S. Waddell, MD
Gregory A. Walker, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Weinstein
David B. Weiss, MD
Kurt R. Weiss, MD
Lawrence Wells, MD and
     Bernadette Wheeler, MD
Matthew J. Weresh, MD
Brian C. Werner, MD
Nolan M. Wessell, MD
David A. Wiebe, MD
Dr. J.S. and Dr. Deborah Wilkes
Brian J. Williams, DO
Riley J. Williams III, MD
Ronald P. Williams, MD, PhD
Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Marilyn Wilson
Brian S. Winters, MD
Brian R. Wolf, MD, MS
Michael J. Wolohan, MD
Delwyn J. Worthington, MD
Thomas W. Wright Jr., MD
Dr. Rick and Mrs. Lana Wright
Cara M. Wylie, DPM
Seth R. Yarboro, MD
Dr. Michael J. and Mrs. Karen L. Yaszemski
Philip York, MD
Terry I. Younger, MD
Steven B. Zelicof, MD, PhD
Boris A. Zelle, MD

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Order of Merit

A-D | E-H | I-M | N-R | S-Z

Roy K. Aaron, MD
Jack Abboudi, MD
Ayesha Abdeen, MD
Joshua M. Abzug, MD
Farshad H. Adib, MD
Ajay Aggarwal, MD
Dr. Jaimo and Mrs. Betsy Ahn
Ngozi M. Akabudike, MD
Dr. Behrooz and Dr. Nasrin Akbarnia
Edward Akelman, MD
Christopher M. Aland, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Albert
Michael M. Alexiades, MD
Christina R. Allen, MD
Peter C. Amadio, MD
John A. Anderson, MD
Megan E. Anderson, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Anderson
Scott A. Anderson, MD
Paul T. Appleton, MD
Michel A. Arcand, MD
Michael T. Archdeacon, MD, MSE
George N. Armstrong, MD
William V. Arnold, MD, PhD
Michael P. Ast, MD
Edward A. Athanasian, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Claudia Attarian
Matthew S. Austin, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Bach Jr.
Donald S. Bae, MD
Geoffrey S. Baer, MD, PhD
Champ L. Baker III, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Champ L. Baker Jr.
Rishi Balkissoon, MD, MPH
Jeffrey Barry, MD
Andrea M. Bauer, MD
Drs. Judith and Ted Baumhauer
Daniel B. Bazylewicz, MD
Dr. Joan E. Bechtold and Mr. Brian S. Balleria
Chad J. Beck, MD
Asheesh Bedi, MD
Dr. Allan and Mrs. Tracy Beebe
Robert M. Beer, MD
Steve B. Behrens, MD
David F. Beigler, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Bell
Laura Bellaire, MD
John A. Bendo, MD
Dr. Leon and Mrs. Karyn Benson
Richard A. Berger, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Renee Bernhardt
Nicholas M. Bernthal, MD
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Camilla Berry
Sigurd H. Berven, MD
Miranda J. Bice, MD
Stefano A. Bini, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Binski
Craig M. Birch, MD
John S. Blanco, MD
Alan T. Blank, MD
Brad D. Blankenhorn, MD
Friedrich Boettner, MD
William R. Bohl, MD
Christopher T. Born, MD, FACS
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Marcia Bos
Joseph A. Bosco III, MD
Martin Boublik, MD
Shyam Brahmabhatt, MD
Jonathan P. Braman, MD
Dr. Jefferson and Mrs. Bonnie Brand
Richard A. Brand, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brand
Ravinder K. Brar, MD
Jay T. Bridgeman, MD
Brian K. Brighton, MD, MPH
George W. Brindley, MD
Robert D. Bronstein, MD
Scot A. Brown, MD
T. Desmond Brown, MD
Jon E. Browne, MD

Craig P. Eberson, MD
Adam I. Edelstein, MD
David W. Edelstein, MD
W. Andrew Eglseder, MD
Kenneth A. Egol, MD
Dr. Frank and Mrs. Emily Eismont
Andrew J. Elliott, MD
Scott J. Ellis, MD
Drs. John and S. Jean Emans
Mark and Susan Erickson
Benjamin G. Escott, MD
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Bernadette Esposito
Andrea J. Evenski, MD
Peter D. Fabricant, MD, MPH
Paul D. Fadale, MD
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Jessica Farber
James C. Farmer, MD
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Sonja Farr
Stephen Fealy, MD
Brian T. Feeley, MD
Dr. John and Dr. Betsy Feighan
John J. Fernandez, MD
Kyle C. Fiala, DPM
Mark P. Figgie, MD
David A. Fischer, MD
A. Samuel Flemister, MD
Brian Forsythe, MD
Austin T. Fragomen, MD
David M. Freccero, MD
Kevin B. Freedman, MD
John A. Froehlich, MD
Gary K. Frykman, MD
Gregory G. Gallant, MD
Dr. Vikram and Mrs. Nayan Gandhi
Michael J. Gardner, MD
Sumeet Garg, MD
Grant E. Garrigues, MD
Mark C. Gebhardt, MD
Daniel E. Gelb, MD
David S. Geller, MD
James W. Genuario, MD
Gaia Georgopoulos, MD
Tad L. Gerlinger, MD
Charles L. Getz, MD
Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Patrice Ghanayem
Mohit N. Gilotra, MD
John G. Ginnetti, MD
Brian Giordano, MD
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Mary Gitelis
Thomas F. Gleason, MD
Edward J. Goldberg, MD
John P. Goldblatt, MD
Drs. Mary and Steven Goldring
Andreas H. Gomoll, MD

James C. Iatridis, PhD
Richard L. Illgen II, MD
Igor Immerman, MD
Allan E. Inglis Jr., MD
Dr. Joshua and Mrs. Faye Jacobs
Todd D. Jaeblon, DO
Dr. William L. and Mrs. Susan Jaffe
Jason E. Jagodzinski, MD
Wm. Dean Jameson, MD
Laith M. Jazrawi, MD
Derek R. Jenkins, MD
Dr. Brian and Debbie Jewett
Aaron J. Johnson, MD
Christopher M. Jones, MD
Edward C. Jones, MD, MA
Kyle T. Judd, MD
Michael S. Kain, MD
Utku Kandemir, MD
Lana Kang, MD
Nathan B. Kaplan, MD
Mara S. Karamitopoulos, MD
Lawrence I. Karlin, MD
James R. Kasser, MD
Julie A. Katarincic, MD
Mary Ann Keenan, MD
Anne M. Kelly, MD
Bryan T. Kelly, MD
Raymond J. Kenney, MD
Constantinos Ketonis, MD, PhD
John P. Ketz, MD
Han Jo Kim, MD
Hubert T. Kim, MD, PhD
Young-Jo Kim, MD, PhD
David M. King, MD
Thorsten Kirsch, PhD
Mininder S. Kocher, MD, MPH
Eugene Y. Koh, MD, PhD
Dr. Patricia A. Kolowich and Mr. Jared P. Buckley
Dr. Matthew J. and Mrs. Christine R. Kraay
Andrea S. Kramer, MD
Dennis E. Kramer, MD
Jonathan C. Kraus, MD
Gregory B. Krivchenia II, MD
Lisa M. Kruse, MD
Jennifer L. Kummer, MD
Ken N. Kuo, MD
Alfred C. Kuo, MD
Robert L. Kurland, MD
Moody Kwok, MD
Claudette M. Lajam, MD
Joseph M. Lane, MD
Gerald J. Lang, MD
Pamela J. Lang, MD
Chris G. Langhammer, MD
Drew A. Lansdown, MD
Elly S. LaRoque, MD
Scott and A. Noelle Larson
Brian C. Law, MD
Alejandro Leali, MD
Darren R. Lebl, MD, MBA
Nicolas H. Lee, MD
Simon Lee, MD
Steven K. Lee, MD
Charles F. Leinberry Jr., MD
Natalie L. Leong, MD

Denis Nam, MD
Surena Namdari, MD
Jason W. Nascone, MD
Danyal H. Nawabi, MD, FRCS
David G. Nazarian, MD
John C. Neilson, MD
Dr. Bradley and Mrs. Teresa Nelson
Susan E. Nelson, MD, MPH
Vincent Y. Ng, MD
Shane J. Nho, MD, MS
Gregg T. Nicandri, MD
Claude E. Nichols III, MD
Christopher W. Nicholson, MD
Gregory P. Nicholson, MD
Brian T. Nickel, MD
Robert J. Nicoletta, MD
Barton Nisonson, MD
Dr. Ken Noonan and Mrs. Carrie Askew Noonan
Thomas J. Noonan, MD
Eduardo V. Novais, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Noyes
Benedict U. Nwachukwu, MD
Dr. Lukas and Mrs. Katrina Nystrom
Marc J. O'Donnell, MD
Richard J. O'Donnell, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Ogilvie
Irvin Oh, MD
Dr. Regis and Mrs. Carol O'Keefe
Kirstina M. Olson, MD
Natasha O'Malley, MBBCh, MSc
Joseph T. O'Neil, MD
Alvin C. Ong, MD
Fabio R. Orozco, MD
John F. Orwin, MD
Daniel A. Osei, MD
Robert V. O'Toole, MD
Brett D. Owens, MD
Donna M. Pacicca, MD
Jonathan D. Packer, MD
Douglas E. Padgett, MD
Nader Paksima, DO
Nirav K. Pandya, MD
Dr. James M. and Mrs. Anne T. Pape
Dr. and Mrs. Javad Parvizi
Vikas V. Patel, MD
E. Scott Paxton, MD

Coleen S. Sabatini, MD
Dr. Sanjeev and Mrs. Ranjit Sabharwal
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo A. Salvati
Andrew A. Sama, MD
Dr. Jim and Mrs. Tricia Sanders
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Cathy Sanders
Harvinder S. Sandhu, MD
Erick M. Santos, MD, PhD
Dr. Andrew and Ms. Kelly Saterbak
Tamara A. Scerpella, MD
William W. Schairer, MD
David M. Scher, MD
Jonathan R. Schiller, MD
Theodore F. Schlegel, MD
Gregory J. Schmeling, MD
Mrs. Teresa Schmidt and Dr. David R. Schmidt
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Molly Schneider
Gregory D. Schroeder, MD
Nicole L. Schroeder, MD
Frank J. Schwab, MD
Joseph M. Schwab, MD
Arnold M. Schwartz, MD and Family
Marcus F. Sciadini, MD
Giles R. Scuderi, MD
Peter K. Sculco, MD
Thomas P. Sculco, MD
Christopher E. Selgrath, DO
Mehul R. Shah, MD
Rachel Shakked, MD
Robert M. Shalvoy, MD
Dr. Peter F. and Mrs. Sally G. Sharkey
Dr. Brian A. Shaw and Mrs. Lisa F. Shaw
David Shearer, MD
Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Lisa Shinar
Benjamin J. Shore, MD
Dr. Beth E. Shubin-Stein and
     Dr. Christopher S. Ahmad
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Cynthia Shufflebarger
Sarah E. Sibbel, MD
Herrick J. Siegel, MD
Stephanie E. Siegrist, MD
Rafael J. Sierra, MD
Franklin H. Sim, MD
Kern K. Singh, MD
Ernest L. Sink, MD
Stephen C. Sizer, DO
Gerard Slobogean, MD, MPH, FRCSC
James D. Slover, MD
Eric B. Smith, MD
Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Karen Smith
R. Lane Smith, PhD
Brian D. Snyder, MD, PhD
Sandeep Soin, MD
Gillian L. Soles, MD
Andrea Spiker, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt P. Spindler
Scott M. Sporer, MD
Matthew W. Squire, MD
James P. Stannard, MD
Andrew B. Stein, MD
Jason W. Stoneback, MD
Eric J. Strauss, MD
Michael B. Strauss, MD
Sabrina M. Strickland, MD
Benjamin Summerhays, DPM
Karen M. Sutton, MD
Drs. Daniel and Marilda Switlick
Ramin R. Tabaddor, MD
Dr. George and Mrs. Peg Tanner
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Nancy Tashman

Laura M. Bruse, MD, FAAOS, FAOA
Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Buckley
Bruce R. Buhr, MD
Robert L. Buly, MD
Shane Burch, MD
Evalina and Kees Van Der Walt
Dr. and Mrs. Richard I. Burton
Dr. Charles A. and Mrs. Victoria L. Bush-Joseph
Dr. Miguel E. and Dr. Rosa L. Cabanela
Christopher M. Cain, MD
Frank P. Cammisa Jr., MD
Jonathan E. Campbell, MD
Alberto V. Carli, MD
Michelle Gerwin Carlson, MD
Emily E. Carmody, MD
Pablo G. Castaneda, MD
Daniel L. Cavanaugh, MD
Edward Y. Cheng, MD
Ken and Lauren Chirba
Theodore J. Choma, MD
Melissa A. Christino, MD
Benjamin I. Chu, MD
Michael G. Ciccotti, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Louis and Edwina Clark
John C. Clohisy, MD
Elizabeth A. Cody, MD
Eric M. Cohen, MD
Mark S. Cohen, MD
Dr. Nathaniel and Mrs. Sherry Cohen
Steven B. Cohen, MD
Dr. Brian and Mrs. Emily Cole
Matthew W. Colman, MD
Dr. Clifford and Mrs. Carolyn Colwell
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Bev Conklin
P. Christopher Cook, MD
Frank A. Cordasco, MD, MS
Dr. David B. and Mrs. Linda J. Coward
David V. Craft, MD
Matthew R. Craig, MD
William L. Craig III, MD
William R. Creevy, MD
Brett D. Crist, MD
Michael B. Cross, MD
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Crowe
Aristides I. Cruz Jr., MD
Matthew E. Cunningham, MD, PhD
Fred D. Cushner, MD
Diane L. Dahm, MD
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Kim Dales
Roger A. Daley, MD, PhD
Alan H. Daniels, MD
Natalie R. Danna, MD
Manuel F. DaSilva, MD
Daniel E. Davis, MD, MS
Robert G. Davis, MD
Michael R. Dayton, MD
Joseph P. DeAngelis, MD
Eliana D. Delgado, MD
Gregory J. Della Rocca, MD, PhD
Craig J. Della Valle, MD
Peter F. DeLuca, MD
Constantine A. Demetracopoulos, MD
Kenneth P. DePersio, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Detrisac
Vedat Deviren, MD
Christopher J. DeWald, MD
Mohammad Diab, MD
Gregory S. DiFelice, MD
Benedict F. DiGiovanni, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Dines
Joshua S. Dines, MD
Anthony S. Ding, MD
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Susan DiRaimondo
Emily R. Dodwell, MD
Brian J. Donahue, MD
Christopher J. Doro, MD
Demetrios J. Douros, MD
Arriyan S. Dowlatshahi, MD
Mark C. Drakos, MD
Christopher Drinkwater, MD

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Ronald M. Gonzalez, DO
Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle, MD
David C. Goodspeed, MD
John T. Gorczyca, MD
J. Eric Gordon, MD
Melissa A. Gorman, MD
Kathryn S. Grannatt, MD
Michael J. Grecula, MD
Andrew Green, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Walter B. Greene
Letha Y. Griffin, MD, PhD
William L. Griffin, MD
Steven I. Grindel, MD
Brian F. Grogan, MD
Ronald P. Guiao, MD
Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD
Sumit K. Gupta, MD
Richard D. Guyer, MD
Kamran S. Hamid, MD
Warren C. Hammert, MD
Sommer Hammoud, MD
Jo A. Hannafin, MD, PhD
Megan M. Hannon, MD
Erik N. Hansen, MD
Carl M. Harper, MD
Syed A. Hasan, MD
Roman A. Hayda, MD
Wendell M. R. Heard, MD
Daniel J. Hedequist, MD
Carrie L. Heincelman, MD
David L. Helfet, MD
Ralph Frank Henn III, MD
David W. Hennessy, MD
Elliott B. Hershman, MD
Dr. and Mrs. W. Fred Hess
Benton E. Heyworth, MD
Alan S. Hilibrand, MD, MBA
James A. Hill, MD
Dr. Paul K. Ho and Mrs. Susan Ho
Daniel G. Hoernschemeyer, MD
Craig A. Hogan, MD
George B. Holmes Jr., MD
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hopkinson
J. Gabriel Horneff III, MD
Robert N. Hotchkiss, MD
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Carolyn Houseworth
M. Timothy Hresko, MD
Raymond Y. Hsu, MD
Victor W. Hsu, MD
Russell C. Huang, MD
Michael J. Hulstyn, MD
Catherine A. Humphrey, MD
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Sonya Hurst

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Philipp Leucht, MD
Eric A. Levicoff, MD
Brett R. Levine, MS, MD
David S. Levine, MD
Randall J. Lewis, MD
Xinning Li, MD
Johnny L. Lin, MD
Bennie G. P. Lindeque, MD
Frederic E. Liss, MD
Kristin O. Livingston, MD
Anthony J. Logiudice, MD
Scott Logue, MD
Dr. Jess and Mrs. Ami Lonner
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Ludkowski
Steven C. Ludwig, MD
Kevin F. Lutsky, MD
John P. Lyden, MD
C. Benjamin Ma, MD
William B. Macaulay, MD
John D. MacGillivray, MD
Susan T. Mahan, MD
James O. Maher III, MD
Bilal Mahmood, MD
Michael D. Maloney, MD
Sandeep Mannava, MD, PhD
Drs. William and Margaret Mary Markmann
Meir Marmor, MD
Jill M. Martin, MD
Robert G. Marx, MD, FRCSC
Drs. Richard and Elizabeth Mason
Amir M. Matityahu, MD
Jonas L. Matzon, MD
Collin J. May, MD
Braden K. Mayer, MD
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Connie Mayerson
David J. Mayman, MD
Michael J. Maynard, MD
Peter D. McCann, MD
Moira M. McCarthy, MD
Trigg McClellan, MD
Susan M. McDowell, MD
C. Wayne McIlwraith, DVM, PhD
Vincent K. McInerney, MD
Alexander S. McLawhorn, MD
Eric G. Meinberg, MD
Dr. Ryan and Mrs. Tracy Meis
Emmanuel N. Menga, MD
Sean J. Meredith, MD
Addisu Mesfin, MD
Umesh S. Metkar, MD
Lionel N. Metz, MD
Joshua A. Metzl, MD
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Ruth Meyer
Theodore Miclau III, MD
Matthew D. Milewski, MD
Christopher P. Miller, MD
Richard J. Miller, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Millis
David J. Mitten, MD
H. David Moehring, MD
Robert W. Molinari, MD
Dr. Bernard and Mrs. Carla Morrey
Saam Morshed, MD
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Jennifer Mott
Thomas G. Myers, MD

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Andrew D. Pearle, MD
Raymond A. Pensy, MD
Matthew D. Pepe, MD
Frank M. Phillips, MD
Andrew N. Pollak, MD
Drs. David W. and Shirley M. Polly
Danielle Y. Ponzio, MD
Zachary D. Post, MD
Themistocles S. Protopsaltis, MD
Aaron J. Provance, MD
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Michaela Purnell
Drs. Matthew and Ann Putnam
Robert H. Quinn Jr., MD
Kristen E. Radcliff, MD
Cathleen L. Raggio, MD
Arun J. Ramappa, MD
Matthew L. Ramsey, MD
Amar S. Ranawat, MD
Anil S. Ranawat, MD
Timothy B. Rapp, MD
Bernard A. Rawlins, MD
Brandon J. Rebholz, MD
Ms. Susan M. Reed
Jason T. Rhodes, MD
William M. Ricci, MD
Benjamin F. Ricciardi, MD
Daniel S. Rich, MD
Jeffrey A. Rihn, MD
Thomas M. Hering, PhD and
     Clare M. Rimnac, PhD
Dennis P. Rivero, MD
Michael Rivlin, MD
Matthew M. Roberts, MD
Scott A. Rodeo, MD
Edward K. Rodriguez, MD, PhD
Kurt M. Rongstad, MD
Alan Rosen, MD
Dr. Aaron and Mrs. Iris Rosenberg
D. Daniel Rotenberg, MD
Lucien M. Rouse Jr., MD
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Joni Routman
S. Robert Rozbruch, MD
Tamara D. Rozental, MD
Paul T. Rubery Jr., MD
Benjamin D. Rubin, MD

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Bobby K. Tay, MD
Samuel A. Taylor, MD
Alekos Theologis, MD
John G. Thometz, MD
Drs. David and Bo Thordarson
Daniel Thuillier, MD
Fotios P. Tjoumakaris, MD
Paul A. Toogood, MD
Paul Tornetta III, MD
Samir Trehan, MD
Clifford B. Tribus, MD
Bradford S. Tucker, MD
Drs. Thomas and Lisa Vail
Jeffrey J. Vakil, MD
Scott E. Van Valin, MD
Ray Vanderby Jr., PhD
Nikhil N. Verma, MD
Carole S. Vetter, MD
Jonathan M. Vigdorchik, MD
Mandeep S. Virk, MD
Ilya Voloshin, MD
Carley B. Vuillermin, MBBS, FRACS
Dr. and Mrs. Jerald P. Waldman
Dr. Jon and Mrs. Noreen Wang
Peter Wang Jr., MD
Derek Ward, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Russell F. Warren
Dr. Daniel C. Wascher and Mrs. Carlotta Emslie
Peter M. Waters, MD
Colyn J. Watkins, MD
J. Tracy Watson, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Weinstein
David S. Weisman, MD
Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD
Geoffrey H. Westrich, MD
Andrew White, MD
Claire White, MD
Paul S. Whiting, MD
Thomas L. Wickiewicz, MD
Roger F. Widmann, MD
Danielle Wilbur, MD
Craig S. Williams, MD
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Robin Williams
Joel C. Williams, MD
Kathryn L. Williams, MD
Seth K. Williams, MD
Julie C. Wilson, MD
Russell E. Windsor, MD
John J. Wixted, MD
Michelle L. Wolcott, MD
Scott W. Wolfe, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Sally Wolff
John K. Wollaeger, MD
Martin E. Wolpin, MD
Barrett I. Woods, MD
H. Randal Woodward, MD
Adam N. Wooldridge, MD
Rosanna L. Wustrack, MD
Robert W. Wysocki Jr., MD
S. Steven Yang, MD, MPH
Adam B. Yanke, MD
Yi-Meng Yen, MD
Stefan V. Zachary, DO, MS
Thomas A. Zdeblick, MD
Alan Zhang, MD
Melissa N. Zimel, MD
Dan A. Zlotolow, MD
Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD and
     Janet Zuckerman, PhD

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Visionary Research Society

Drs. Joseph and Connie Barr
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Camilla Berry
Michael J. Patzakis, MD
Thomas P. Sculco, MD

Research Fund

Drs. Joseph and Connie Barr
Thomas L. Bernasek, MD
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Camilla Berry
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Mary Gitelis
Brian R. Hallstrom, MD
Dr. Joshua and Mrs. Faye Jacobs
Gregory B. Krivchenia II, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Kyle
Dr. David and Mrs. Marti Lewallen
James O. Maher III, MD
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Madelyn Mencio
Dr. Todd A. Milbrandt and Ms. Mary Beth Magyar
Dr. Richard D. Mulroy Jr. and Mrs. Kathleen A. Mulroy
Michael J. Patzakis, MD
Jeffery L. Pierson, MD
Andrew N. Pollak, MD
Erick M. Santos, MD, PhD
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Molly Schneider
Thomas P. Sculco, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stern
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Robin Williams

Shands Circle Society

Dr. Ronald W. and Mrs. Gwendolyn S. Smith