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oref leadership gifts

OREF is please to recognize the following donors who made a leadership-level gift between January 1 and March 31, 2023.

Order of Merit
Donors who gave a gift at the Order of Merit level of $1,000 or more, with at least $500 directed to the OREF Annual Fund. Sustaining Order of Merit donors who gave a gift of $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Annual Fund are recognized in bold.

Shands Circle Society Donors
Donors who gave $20,000 or greater in cash gifts or $100,000 or greater in deferred gifts to the OREF Endowment

Research Fund
Donors who gave a gift $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Research Fund. Research Fund donors who gave at the Visionary Research Society level of $20,000 or more are recognized in bold.

Resident Donors
Residents who made a contribution to OREF.

Order of Merit

Sustaining Order of Merit Donors are recognized in bold.

J. Stephen Appleton Jr., MD
Jeremie Michael Axe, MD
Jeffrey Barry, MD
William A. Berrigan, MD, RMSK
Sigurd H. Berven, MD
Stefano A. Bini, MD
Dr. Deb Bohn and Mr. Mark Simenstad
Ravinder K. Brar, MD
Mark A. Broberg, MD
Shane Burch, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Kim Callaghan
Leslie P. Dean, MD
Eliana D. Delgado, MD
Vedat Deviren, MD
Mohammad Diab, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Cheryl Dimar
Anthony S. Ding, MD
Mr. David and Mrs. Karen Dvorak
Ashraf N. El Naga, MD
John Erkkila, MD
Brian T. Feeley, MD
Drs. James and Roberta Ficke
Nicholas B. Frisch, MD, MBA
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Jenifer Garvey
David Gendelberg, MD
Thomas F. Gregg, MD
Lee and Nina Grossman
Erik N. Hansen, MD
Nicolas Hatamiya, DO
Dr. John and Mrs. Susan Hayhurst
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Apolonia Hopkins
Igor Immerman, MD
Jason E. Jagodzinski, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Janice Johnston
Utku Kandemir, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Kant
Ninad S. Karandikar, MD
Hubert T. Kim, MD, PhD
Alfred C. Kuo, MD
Gopal R. Lalchandani, MD
Drew A. Lansdown, MD
Elly S. LaRoque, MD
Nicolas H. Lee, MD
Benjamin E. Lesin, MD
Kristin O. Livingston, MD
Dr. Adolph V. and Mrs. Anne T. Lombardi Jr.
C. Benjamin Ma, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Maloney
Meir Marmor, MD
Amir M. Matityahu, MD
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Jodi Matson
Trigg McClellan, MD
Vincent K. McInerney, MD
Eric G. Meinberg, MD
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Madelyn Mencio
Steven J. Merkow, MD
Lionel N. Metz, MD
Theodore Miclau III, MD
Carol D. Morris, MD, MS
Saam Morshed, MD
Richard J. O'Donnell, MD
Kirstina M. Olson, MD
Nirav K. Pandya, MD
Charles D. Pence, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Mary Place
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Plancher
Rajiv Rajani, MD
Dr. T. J. and Mrs. Lynn Rasmussen
Dr. Sanjeev and Mrs. Ranjit Sabharwal
William O. Samuelson, MD
Lauren Santiesteban, MD
Dr. Perry and Mrs. Sally Schoenecker
Nicole L. Schroeder, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Kass Schwappach
Thomas P. Sculco, MD
Dr. Robert L. and Mrs. Kimberly A. Sendele
David W. Shearer, MD, MPH
Dr. Kurt and Mrs. Beth Spindler
Susan Ellen Stephens, MD
Jennifer Tangtiphaiboontana, MD
Michael J. Taunton, MD
Bobby K. Tay, MD
Alekos Theologis, MD
Daniel U. Thuillier, MD
Paul A. Toogood, MD
Dr. Laura Tosi and Mr. David Chu
Drs. Thomas and Lisa Vail
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Marilyn Van Demark
Derek Ward, MD
Rhonda Watkins, MD, MPH
Kristin Wingfield, MD
Brian R. Wolf, MD, MS
Rosanna L. Wustrack, MD
Alan L. Zhang, MD
Melissa N. Zimel, MD

Shands Circle Society

William O. Samuelson, MD

Research Fund

Visionary Research Society Members are recognized in bold.

Daniel Dempsey, MD
Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
Deanna Kelly
John D. Kelly IV, MD
Hal David Martin, DO
Thomas P. Sculco, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Lyn Steinberg

Resident Donors

Michael Rocca, MD