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The OREF Board of Trustees and Staff extend their sincere gratitude to all of OREF's donors. For 64 years, OREF's donors have demonstrated their belief in the value of orthopaedic research. All donors are recognized annually in OREF's Donor Honor Roll Book.

OREF is pleased to recognize the following donors who made a leadership-level gift in July 2019.

July Order of Merit Donors

Donors who gave a gift at the Order of Merit level of $1,000 or more, with at least $500 directed to the OREF Annual Fund. Sustaining Order of Merit donors who gave a gift of $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Annual Fund are recognized in bold.

July 2019 Order of Merit Donors

Sustaining Order of Merit Donors are recognized in bold.

Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD
Dr. Michael W. and Mrs. Elizabeth C. Chapman
Curt P. Comstock, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Cherie Dimar
Charles F. Eberle, MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Barbara Florack
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Cheryl Fox
Dr. James and Mrs. Janelle House
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Mary Ellen Iorio
Frederic L. Johnstone, MD
Neil J. Maki, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Maloney
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Stevens
William P. Tully, MD and Susan B. Tully, MD