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The OREF Board of Trustees and Staff extend their sincere gratitude to all of OREF's donors. For more than 65 years, our donors have demonstrated their belief in the value of orthopaedic research and OREF. All donors are recognized annually in OREF's Annual Report (see separate donor listings in 2018 and 2019).

OREF is pleased to recognize the following donors who made a leadership-level gift in December 2022.

Order of Merit Donors

Donors who gave a gift at the Order of Merit level of $1,000 or more, with at least $500 directed to the OREF Annual Fund. Sustaining Order of Merit donors who gave a gift of $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Annual Fund are recognized in bold.

Research Fund Donors

Donors who gave a gift of $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Research Fund. Research Fund donors who gave at the Visionary Research Society level of $20,000 or more are recognized in bold.

Shands Circle Society Donors

Donors who gave $20,000 or greater in cash gift or $100,000 or greater in deferred gifts to the OREF Endowment

Resident Donors

Residents who made a contribution to OREF in December.  

December 2022 Order of Merit Donors

Sustaining Order of Merit Donors are recognized in bold.

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Jack Abboudi, MD
Ajay Aggarwal, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Albert
Frank Alberta, MD
Benjamin A. Alman, MD, FRCSC
Annunziato Amendola, MD
Kyle Anderson, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Marguerite Angelo
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Lynne Archdeacon
William V. Arnold, MD, PhD
Diren Arsoy, MD, MSc
Grigoriy G. Arutyunyan, MD
Athens Orthopedic Clinic
Luke S. Austin, MD
Matthew S. Austin, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Bach Jr.
Champ L. Baker III, MD
Dr. Thomas K. Barthel and Dr. Marci D. Jones
Rocco Bassora, MD
M. Scott Beall Jr., MD
Dr. Joan E. Bechtold and Mr. Brian S. Balleria
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Bell
Robert A. Berghoff, MD
Nicholas M. Bernthal, MD
Daniel J. Berry, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James F. Bethea
Richard A. Biama, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Gloria Bindelglass
Dr. Kevin P. Black and Mrs. Maria Hamilton
Jennette L. Boakes, MD and Mr. David Rives
Richard M. Bochner, MD
Mr. James and Mrs. Emily Borovsky
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Marcia Bos

Barbara D. Boyan, PhD
John K. Bradway, MD
Shyam Brahmabhatt, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brand
TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions
Dr. and Mrs. James G. Brooks Jr.
Robert H. Brophy, MD
Scot A. Brown, MD
Jon E. Browne, MD
Laura M. Bruse, MD, FAAOS, FAOA
Susan V. Bukata, MD
Evalina and Kees Van Der Walt
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Callahan Jr.
Dr. David and Mrs. Gail Cannon
Jose A. Canseco, MD, PhD
Dr. James and Mrs. Jennifer Carpenter
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Shamita Carrigan
Steven A. Caruso, MD
Dr. Felix and Mrs. Cara Cheung
Dr. and Mrs. Kim J. Chillag
Ken and Lauren Chirba
Theodore J. Choma, MD
Michael G. Ciccotti, MD
Dr. Michael and Dr. Debra Clain
Dr. Louis and Mrs. Edwina Clark
Steven B. Cohen, MD
Edward A. Connolly, MD
Jerald L. Cooper, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Stephanie Coutts
Matthew R. Craig, MD
Brett D. Crist, MD
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Crowe
James P. Crutcher Jr., MD
Patrick W. Cummings Jr., MD
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Tracy Curtin
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Kim Dales
Chris John Dangles, MD
Daniel E. Davis, MD, MS
Carl A. Deirmengian, MD
Gregory J. Della Rocca, MD, PhD
Kamlesh S. Desai, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Detrisac
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Susan DiRaimondo
Christopher C. Dodson, MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Carrie Duquin
Dr. David and Mrs. Beth Edwards
Dr. Frank and Mrs. Emily Eismont
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Eison
Dr. Mark C. and Mrs. Nancy Ann Engasser
Brandon J. Erickson, MD
James C. Esch, MD
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Jessica Farber
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Sonja Farr
Yale A. Fillingham, MD
Timothy C. Fitzgibbons, MD, FACS

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Barbara Florack
John H. Franklin, MD
Robert W. Frederick, MD
Kevin B. Freedman, MD
Richard J. Friedman, MD, FRCSC
Daniel J. Fuchs, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Shep Gallagher
Gregory G. Gallant, MD
Charles L. Getz, MD
Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Patrice Ghanayem
Michelle A. Ghert, MD, FRCSC
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Mary Gitelis
Drs. Mary and Steven Goldring
Dr. Stuart and Mrs. Jane Goodman
Michael J. Grecula, MD
Thomas E. Greene, MD
Thomas B. Grollman, MD
Eric L. Grossman, MD
Sumit K. Gupta, MD
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Jill Guy
Deborah J. Hagen
Brian R. Hallstrom, MD
Matthew F. Halsey, MD
Dr. William and Mrs. Beth Hamilton
Brian R. Hamlin, MD
KW Hammerberg, MD
Sommer Hammoud, MD
Matthew L. Hansen, MD
Michael F. Harrer, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Sherril Haynes
John H. Healey, MD
Dr. Wendell and Mrs. Asha Heard
Keith S. Hechtman, MD
Kevin Henrichsen, MD
Elliott B. Hershman, MD
Alan S. Hilibrand, MD, MBA
James A. Hill, MD
Dr. Paul K. Ho and Mrs. Susan Ho
Bryan Hozack, MD
Victor W. Hsu, MD
Dr. Shep and Mrs. Gretta Hurwitz

Dr. Douglas T. and Mrs. Lana K. Hutchinson
Dr. John and Mrs. Julia Itamura
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Nancy Jarrett
Dr. Ramon and Mrs. Anne Jimenez
Lawrence P. Johnson, MD
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Ellen Johnston
Frederic L. Johnstone, MD
Dr. Tom and Mrs. Teresa Kennedy
Kevin Khalsa, MD
Justin M. Kistler, MD
Gregg R. Klein, MD
John D. Koerner, MD
Eitan M. Kohan, MD
Jerome L. Kolavo, MD
Dr. Matthew J. and Mrs. Christine R. Kraay
Chad A. Krueger, MD
Mr. Dan and Mrs. Connie Krupp
Jeffrey Edward Krygier, MD
Moody Kwok, MD
Louis Matthew Kwong, MD, FACS
Amy L. Ladd, MD
Kevin W. Lanighan, MD
Scott and A. Noelle Larson
Mark D. Lazarus, MD
Mark J. Leber, MD
Joseph K. Lee, MD
Harlan B. Levine, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Marti Lewallen
Dr. Laura W. Lewallen and

Dr. Mostafa H. El Dafrawy
Julie Lin, DPM
Frederic E. Liss, MD
Dr. Jess and Mrs. Ami Lonner
Philip K. Louie, MD
Dr. George L. and Mrs. Eleanor R. Lucas
Drs. Barbara and Tres MacCollum
Gregory B. Maletis, MD
John Mangan, MD
Louis J. Mariorenzi, MD
Stacy F and
     David C Markel Charitable Foundation
Joseph G. Martin, MD
Jonas L. Matzon, MD
Dr. Joel and Mrs. Connie Mayerson

Donald W. Mazur, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Terrie McEvoy
Dr. and Mrs. James K. McKechnie
Dr. William and Mrs. Lynn McMaster
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Kathy McNally
Simon C. Mears, MD
Mr. Stanley Mendenhall
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Ruth Meyer
H. David Moehring, MD
Michael Montague, MD
Rosemarie M. Morwessel, MD
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Jennifer Mott
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Suzanne Mumford
George F. Muschler, MD and

Catherine M. Bleck
Surena Namdari, MD
Barton Nisonson, MD
Dr. Brent and Mrs. Brigette Norris
James A. Nunley II, MD and
     Mrs. Elise C. Nunley
Dr. Regis and Mrs. Carol O'Keefe
Joseph T. O'Neil, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. JoAnn Ott

Dr. James M. and Mrs. Anne T. Pape
Dr. and Mrs. Javad Parvizi
William H. Paterson, MD
David I. Pedowitz, MD
Drs. William and Linda Phillips
Anca Popa, MD
Carlos A. Prietto, MD
Sergio H. Pulido, DO
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Michaela Purnell
James J. Purtill, MD
Dr. Kevin and Mrs. Karla Rahn
Matthew L. Ramsey, MD
Dr. and Mrs. George F. Rapp
Harold W. Rees, MD
Jeffrey A. Rihn, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Robb III
Dr. William and Mrs. Jana Robertson
Anthony A. Romeo, MD
John S. Romine, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenfeld
D. Daniel Rotenberg, MD
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Joni Routman
David L. Rubenstein, MD
Vincent J. Russo, MD
Dr. Adrian Ryan and Mrs. Amy Parker
Jack and Bede Ryan
John P. Salvo Jr., MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Rebecca Samuelson
Dr. Jim and Mrs. Tricia Sanders

Dr. Larry and Mrs. Cathy Sanders
Dr. Richard F. and Mrs. Kathy Santore
H. William Schaaf, MD
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Sonna Schniegenberg
Dr. Lew and Mrs. Erika Schon
Gregory D. Schroeder, MD
Arnold M. Schwartz, MD and Family
Dr. Richard M. and Mrs. Colleen G. Schwend
Ari D. Seidenstein, MD
Gene W. Shaffer, MD
Rachel Shakked, MD
Dr. Peter F. and Mrs. Sally G. Sharkey
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Siatczynski
Franklin H. Sim, MD
Sutherland Simpson, MD
Stephen C. Sizer, DO
Eric B. Smith, MD
Matthew J. Smith, MD
Michael L. Smith, MD
Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Karen Smith
Jeffery and Christy Soldatis
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Kathleen Spangehl
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Amy Sponseller
James P. Stannard, MD
S. David Stulberg, MD
Justin D. Stull, MD
Benjamin Summerhays, DPM
D. Rick Sumner Jr., PhD
Drs. Daniel and Marilda Switlick
Lisa A. Taitsman, MD
Joao O. Tavares, MD
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Susan Theiss
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Thornhill
James E. Tibone, MD
Fotios P. Tjoumakaris, MD
Dr. Vernon and Mrs. Charlene Tolo
Richard J. Tosti, MD
Justin Tsai, MD
Jacob E. Tulipan, MD
Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Lauren Vaccaro
Dr. and Mrs. Jerald P. Waldman
Janet L. Walker, MD
Mark L. Wang, MD, PhD
William G. Ward Sr., MD
Dr. Daniel C. Wascher and Mrs. Carlotta Emslie

Dr. Mark Weidenbaum and
      Lisa Berke-Weidenbaum

David S. Weisman, MD
Rebecca Whitesell, MD
Todd M. Williams, MD
Brian S. Winters, MD
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Marcia Wolohan
Barrett I. Woods, MD
H. Randal Woodward, MD
Delwyn J. Worthington, MD
Dr. Rick and Mrs. Lana Wright
Thomas W. Wright Jr., MD
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Corinne Yang
Dr. Richard S. Yoon and
     Dr. Susanne M. Roberts

Terry I. Younger, MD
Robert M. Zbeda, MD

December 2022 Alfred R. Shands Jr. Circle Society Donors

Scott and A. Noelle Larson

December 2022 Research Fund Donors

Visionary Research Society Members are recognized in bold.

Michael J. Axe, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Marjorie Cuckler
Mr. George and Mrs. Lisa Etheridge
Dr. L. Scott and Mrs. Helga Levin
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Kathleen Spangehl

December 2022 Resident Donors

Alyssa D. Althoff, MD
Monica Arney, MD
Ian Backlund, MD
Neil P. Blanchard, MD
Joseph Brinkman, MD
James M. Burgess, MD
John F. Burke, MD
Zach R. Burnett, MD
Francis P. Bustos, MD
Richard Campbell, MD
Zachary K. Christopher, MD
Tom J. Crijns, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Julia Deckey
Charlie Engh, MD
Kalin Fisher, MD
Pearson Gean, MD
Jack Haglin, MD
Nathaniel B. Hinckley, DO
Pramod Kamalapathy, MD
Lawal A. Labaran, MD
Cara Lai, MD
Timothy P. Lancaster, MD
Eugenia A. Lin, MD
Kade McQuivey, MD
Thomas E. Moran, MD
David M. Noble, MD
Eliza Pelrine, MD
Pradip Ramamurti, MD
Jeffrey R. Ruland, MD
Kathryn E. Schultz, MD
Josh Schwartz, MD
Vaib Tadepalli, MD
Cara M. Thorne, MD
Sailesh V. Tummala, MD
Corinne Vennitti, MD
Jens T. Verhey, MD
Jesse Wang, MD
Keith Wells, MD