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The OREF Board of Trustees and Staff extend their sincere gratitude to all of OREF's donors. For 65 years, OREF's donors have demonstrated their belief in the value of orthopaedic research. All donors are recognized annually in OREF's Donor Honor Roll Book.

OREF is pleased to recognize the following donors who made a leadership-level gift in October 2020.

October Order of Merit Donors

Donors who gave a gift at the Order of Merit level of $1,000 or more, with at least $500 directed to the OREF Annual Fund. Sustaining Order of Merit donors who gave a gift of $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Annual Fund are recognized in bold.

October Research Fund Donors

Donors who gave a gift $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Research Fund. Research Fund donors who gave at the Visionary Research Society level of $20,000 or more are recognized in bold.

 October Resident Donors
Residents who made a contribution to OREF in October.

October 2020 Order of Merit Donors

Sustaining Order of Merit Donors are recognized in bold.

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Roy K. Aaron, MD
Joshua M. Abzug, MD
Jeffrey T. Adams, MD
Farshad H. Adib, MD
Ngozi M. Akabudike, MD
Edward Akelman, MD
Valentin Antoci, MD, PhD
David F. Apple Jr., MD
Steve Appleton Jr., MD
Michel A. Arcand, MD
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Lynne Archdeacon
Dr. David and Mrs. Claudia Attarian
Thomas J. Barrett, MD
Brent J. Bauer, MD
Robert M. Beer, MD
Michael J. Belanger, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bell
Cameron M. Best, MD

Dr. and Mrs. E. Lawrence Bingham
Brad D. Blankenhorn, MD
Dr. James P. and Mrs. Laurie C. Blasingame
Robert P. Boran Jr., MD
Christopher T. Born, MD, FACS
Dr. John and Mrs. Alice Bowker
Mark P. Brodersen, MD
John and Rosemary Brown
Frederick F. Buechel Sr., MD
Bruce R. Buhr, MD
Jonathan E. Campbell, MD
James H. Carson, MD
Daniel L. Cavanaugh, MD
Dr. Michael and Dr. Debra Clain
Eric M. Cohen, MD
James P. Crutcher Jr., MD
Aristides I. Cruz Jr., MD
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Tracy Curtin
John K. Czerwein, MD

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Alan H. Daniels, MD
Natalie R. Danna, MD
Manuel F. DaSilva, MD
Mark A. Dodson, MD
Demetrios J. Douros, MD
Craig P. Eberson, MD
Adam I. Edelstein, MD
W. Andrew Eglseder, MD
John B. Erickson, DO
Benjamin G. Escott, MD
Andrew R. Evans, MD
Paul D. Fadale, MD
Douglas A. Fehrman, MD

Ray M. Fitzgerald III, MD
John R. Fowler, MD
John A. Froehlich, MD
Dr. Freddie and Mrs. Hilda Fu
Daniel E. Gelb, MD
Joseph A. Gil, MD
Mohit N. Gilotra, MD
Andrew H. Glassman, MD, MS
Dr. Steven D. and Mrs. Sylvia Glassman
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Rebecca Goebel
Christopher J. Got, MD
Andrew Green, MD
Steven I. Grindel, MD
Stephen B. Gross, MD

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Christopher D. Hamilton, MD
Brian R. Hamlin, MD
Jessica M. Hanley, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Harriman
Syed A. Hasan, MD
Roman A. Hayda, MD
Ralph Frank Henn III, MD
Drs. MaCalus and Danika Hogan
Raymond Y. Hsu, MD
Michael J. Hulstyn, MD
Joseph A. Izzi Jr., MD

Todd D. Jaeblon, DO
Derek R. Jenkins, MD
Aaron J. Johnson, MD
Frederic L. Johnstone, MD
Wm. David Jones, MD
Thomas J. Kane III, MD
Julie A. Katarincic, MD
Mary Ann Keenan, MD
David M. King, MD
Dominic Kleinhenz, MD
Eugene Y. Koh, MD, PhD
Jonathan C. Kraus, MD

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Dr. Jennifer C. Laine and Dr. Louis P. Kohl
Chris G. Langhammer, MD
Brian C. Law, MD
Natalie L. Leong, MD
Anthony J. LoGiudice, MD
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Lubicky
Phillip R. Lucas, MD
Steven C. Ludwig, MD
James O. Maher III, MD
Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Sandra Malkani
Jill M. Martin, MD
Drs. Richard and Elizabeth Mason

Thomas A. McEnnerney, MD
Sean J. Meredith, MD
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Ruth Meyer
David A. Moss, MD
Volker Musahl, MD
Sumon Nandi, MD, MBA
Jason W. Nascone, MD
John C. Neilson, MD
Edward M. Nelsen-Freund, MD
Vincent Y. Ng, MD
Dr. Gordon and Mrs. Janice Nuber
Robert V. O'Toole, MD
Brett D. Owens, MD

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Jonathan D. Packer, MD
E. Scott Paxton, MD
Raymond A. Pensy, MD
Andrew N. Pollak, MD
William G. Raasch, MD
Brandon J. Rebholz, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Richardson
Dr. John and Mrs. Chris Richmond
Alexander Robertson, MD
Alan Rosen, MD
Robert S. Salamon, MD
Steven M. Sanders, MD
Jonathan R. Schiller, MD
Gregory J. Schmeling, MD

Dr. Gary and Mrs. Sonna Schniegenberg
Dr. Jon and Mrs. Susan Schoenecker
Joseph M. Schwab, MD
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Schwappach
Marcus F. Sciadini, MD
Thomas P. Sculco, MD
Doyle R. Sickles, MD
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Barbara Simon
Gerard Slobogean, MD, MPH, FRCSC
Dr. Stephen R. and Mrs. Dawn C. Southworth
M. (Jiffy) Sraders, MD
Michael P. Staebler, MD
Jack R. Steel, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stern

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J. Channing Tassone, MD
Richard M. Terek, MD
Adam E. Thiessen, MD
John G. Thometz, MD
Drs. David and Bo Thordarson
Chris Tian, MD, PhD

Scott E. Van Valin, MD
Carole S. Vetter, MD
Nam V. Vo, PhD
Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD
Kurt R. Weiss, MD
Todd M. Williams, MD
Adam N. Wooldridge, MD

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October 2020 Research Fund Donors

Visionary Research Society Members are recognized in bold.

Dr. Bill and Mrs. Betty Petty
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Mary Sangeorzan
Thomas P. Sculco, MD


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October 2020 Resident Donors

Cameron Barton, MD
James Cardinal, MD
Christopher N. Carender, MD
Emily Connor, MD
Christopher Cychosz, MD
David E. DeMik, MD, PharmD
Taylor J. Den Hartog, MD
Joshua Eisenberg, MD
Burke Gao, MD
Trevor Gulbrandsen, MD
Christina Hajewski, MD
James R. L. Hall, MD, MS
Jacob L. Henrichsen, MD
Kyle Kesler, MD
Justin M. Kistler, MD
James Kohler, MD
Christopher P. Lindsay, MD
Connor J. Maly, MD
Daniel G. Meeker, MD
Scott A. Muffly, MD
Sarah E. Oest, MD
Olivia C. O'Reilly, MD
Edward Rojas, MD
Michael Russell, MD
Sarah M. Schippers, MD
Liz Scott, MD
Alan G. Shamrock, MD
Samuel Swenson, MD
David M. Tainter, MD
Brady Wilkinson, MD
Malynda Wynn, MD
John M. Yanik, MD

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