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The OREF Board of Trustees and Staff extend their sincere gratitude to all of OREF's donors. For 64 years, OREF's donors have demonstrated their belief in the value of orthopaedic research. All donors are recognized annually in OREF's Donor Honor Roll Book.

OREF is pleased to recognize the following donors who made a leadership-level gift in January 2020.

January Order of Merit Donors

Donors who gave a gift at the Order of Merit level of $1,000 or more, with at least $500 directed to the OREF Annual Fund. Sustaining Order of Merit donors who gave a gift of $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Annual Fund are recognized in bold.

January Research Fund Donors

Donors who gave a gift $1,000 or more directed to the OREF Research Fund. Research Fund donors who gave at the Visionary Research Society level of $20,000 or more are recognized in bold.

January Resident Donors
Residents who made a contribution to OREF in January.

January 2020 Order of Merit Donors

Sustaining Order of Merit Donors are recognized in bold.

Dr. and Mrs. C. Lowry Barnes
Dr. Lawrence P. Brown Jr. and

Mrs. Susan W. Brown
Laura M. Bruse, MD, FAAOS, FAOA
Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. & Nancy E. Cole
Patrick W. Cummings Jr., MD
Edward Diao, MD
Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Eschenroeder Jr.
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Michelle Ferkel
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Jenifer Garvey
Letha Y. Griffin, MD, PhD
Habermann Koehn Foundation
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Apolonia Hopkins
Lawrence C. Hurst, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Janice Johnston
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Kant
Dr. Claudette Lajam and Mr. Christopher Clark
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Marla Lemos

Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Anita Liebowitz
Dr. Adolph V. and Mrs. Anne T. Lombardi Jr.
Steven S. Louis, MD
Dr. Robert F. and Mrs. Becky E. McLain
George F. Muschler, MD and Catherine M. Bleck
Kevin D. Plancher, MD, MPH
Dr. and Mrs. George F. Rapp
Anthony A. Romeo, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Rosenfeld
Jack and Bede Ryan
Dr. Richard F. and Mrs. Kathy Santore
Dr. Robert L. and Mrs. Kimberly A. Sendele
Brian C. Toolan, MD
Dr. Laura Tosi and Mr. David Chu
Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Lauren Vaccaro
Janet L. Walker, MD
Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Kathleen Wenger

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January 2020 Research Fund Donors

Visionary Research Society Members are recognized in bold.

Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Kelly Jr.
Jeffrey R. McLaughlin, MD
Dr. Steven D. K. and Mrs. Maren Ross
Dr. Marc and Mrs. Beth Swiontkowski

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January 2020 Resident Donors

Brian T. Muffly, MD

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