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Legacy Donors to the Shands Circle Society

Funding the Future of Orthopaedic Research
The Shands Circle recognizes cash Leadership contributions of $20,000 or more or Legacy deferred contributions of $100,000 or more to the OREF Endowment. The endowment provides long-term support to OREF. OREF is honored to recognize these Shands Circle Legacy donors. Members of both the Shands Circle and Visionary Research Society are indicated by a diamond (♦). Deceased donors are indicated by a dot (•).

Legacy | $1 Million + Platinum Donors

Drs. Behrooz Akbarnia and Nasrin Owsia
Jeremie M. Axe, MD ♦
Michael J. Axe, MD ♦
Mr. and Mrs. Leander D. Beard
Dr. John and Mrs. Kim Callaghan ♦
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Chow
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Stephanie Coutts
Alvin H. Crawford, MD
Dr. Freddie H. and Mrs. Hilda P. Fu ♦
Dr. Jorge O. Galante • and Mrs. Sofija Galante • ♦
Dr. Adolph V. and Mrs. Anne T. Lombardi Jr. ♦
Dr. William and Mrs. Lynn McMaster ♦
David W. Polly Jr., MD and Shirley M. Polly, MD
Jeffery L. Stambough, MD, MBA
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Weinstein

Legacy | $500,000 + Gold Donors

Dr. and Mrs. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei
Mr. John C. Herklotz
Baron S. Lonner, MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Anne Marberry
Dr. Jack C. and Mrs. Patricia Nichols
Javad Parvizi, MD
Mr. Sydney and Mrs. Ann Pond
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Robb III ♦
Dr. Garth S. and Mrs. Jane D. Russell

Legacy | $250,000 + Silver Donors

Jennette L. Boakes, MD and Mr. David Rives ♦
Dr. David and Mrs. Linda Coward ♦
Dr. Craig and Mrs. Justyna Della Valle
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Einhorn
Dr. William F. Hejna • and Mrs. Eva L. Hejna •
Dr. Thomas C. and Mrs. Elaine H. Pagedas
Wellington J. Pindar, MD
Kenneth M. Singer, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Judith Worland

Legacy | $100,000 Bronze Donors

Dr. and Mrs. George S. Bassett
Laurel C. Blakemore, MD
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Bogumill
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Bozic ♦
James G. Buchholz, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Bert C. Callahan
Patrick W. Cummings Jr., MD
Dr. Robert S. and Mrs. Lorelei Ennis
Mrs. Nancy E. Ferguson •
Dr. Reuben and Mrs. Courtney Gobezie
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Janet Goodwin
Dr. and Mrs. Scott F. Holder
Dr. and Mrs. Francis Burns Kelly Jr.
Mr. Fred J. and Mrs. Lori J. Kolb
Drs. John and Janet Kuhn
John B. Meding, MD
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Beret Mott
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Suzanne Mumford
Drs. William and Linda Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. George F. Rapp
Eugene M. Regen Jr., MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Rebecca Samuelson
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt P. Spindler
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Urbaniak

Legacy | $20,000 Copper Donors

Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD ♦
Margaret R. Albanese, MD
Dr. Harlan and Mrs. Patti Amstutz
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Angelo ♦
The Frederick M. Azar, MD Family
Bernard R. Bach Jr., MD ♦
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Patricia Baker
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Bankoff
Joseph S. Barr Jr., MD
M. Scott Beall Jr., MD
John A. Bergfeld, MD
Jack M. Bert, MD
Jimmie G. Biles Jr., MD
Dr. John David and Mrs. Tamara Blaha
Dr. James R. and Mrs. Annette Boatright
Alberto A. Bolanos, MD
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Marcia Bos
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Judi Bourne
Dr. John and Mrs. Alice Bowker
Robert A. Brenner, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bruce Jr.
William D. Bugbee, MD
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Victoria Bush-Joseph
Dr. and Mrs. E. Lyle Cain Jr.
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Judy Carter
Dr. Hank and Mrs. Jill Chambers
Michael G. Chrissos, MD
Patrick E. Clare, MD
Charles R. Clark, MD ♦
Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA ♦
Aaron C. Cook, MD
William P. Cooney III, MD
Larry D. Cordell, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Henry R. Cowell
Dr. and Mrs. James A. D'Antonio
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Engh
Thomas J. Errico, MD
James C. Esch, MD
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Sonja Farr
Dr. and Mrs. Blair C. Filler
Dr. and Mrs. Mark R. Foster
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Lisa Frick
Devon D. Goetz, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Halsey
Robert H. Haralson III, MD, MBA
James D. Heckman, MD
Dr. John A. and Mrs. Donna L. Henke
Dr. Thomas R. and Mrs. Rebecca E. Highland
Ms. Colette Iocca Hohimer
Gregory R. Holt, MD
Stephen S. Hurst, MD ♦
Gretta and Shep Hurwitz ♦
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Cindy Iannotti
Dr. and Mrs. Kamal N. Ibrahim
Jose E. Jaen, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Ramon L. Jimenez ♦
Robert J. Johnson, MD and Shirley S. Johnson
Graham F. Johnstone, MD
Dr. Lowry and Mrs. Laura Jones
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Kirkpatrick
Drs. Subram and Elizabeth Krishnan
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Ginny Lange
R. Merv Letts, MD
L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS ♦
Andrew S. Levy, MD
Dr. John O. and Mrs. Kim Lytle
Ms. Marilyn J. Marcrum
Steven M. Mardjetko, MD
Dr. David C. and Mrs. Stacy F. Markel
Dr. Michael A. and Mrs. Cynthia E. Masini
David R. McAllister, MD
Dr. Eric C. and Mrs. Miriam McCarty ♦
Thomas A. McEnnerney, MD
John B. McGinty, MD
The Hon. Michael R. and Mrs. Jean McGuire
Gerald R. McNamara, MD
Lawrence G. Morawa, MD
Rosemarie M. Morwessel, MD
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Sandy Mubarak
Owen A. Nelson, MD
Dr. Ken Noonan and Mrs. Carrie Askew Noonan
Thomas W. Parks, MD
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Helen Payne
William Petty, MD
Mark and Jennifer Pinto
Andrew N. Pollak, MD ♦
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Anita Poss
Jack H. Powell III, MD
Ellen M. Raney, MD ♦
Juan A. Realyvasquez, MD
Richard B. Ressman, MD
Dr. John and Chris Richmond
Merrill A. Ritter, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Richard K. N. Ryu
William H. Salot, MD
John T. Samsell, MD
William O. Samuelson, MD
James O. Sanders, MD
John F. Sarwark, MD
Felix H. Savoie III, MD
Dr. John and Mrs. Marguerite Scullin
Bernard M. Seger, MD
Nicholas A. Sgaglione, MD
Peter T. Simonian, MD
David L. Skaggs, MD
Clement B. Sledge, MD
Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Kamy Sullivan ♦
William P. Thorpe, MD
Joseph E. Trader, MD
Lorence W. Trick, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Vitale
Ray C. Wasielewski, MD
Chester H. Waters III, MD
Robert E. Wells, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Weresh
Gerald R. Williams Jr., MD ♦
Philip D. Wilson Jr., MD •
Blane A. Woodfin, MD
Mr. Gene R. and Mrs. Mary C. Wurth
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Yamaguchi
John G. Yost Jr., MD
Kenneth R. Zaslav, MD
Bruce H. Ziran, MD
♦ Member of both the Visionary Research and Shands Circle Societies