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Committed to Supporting OREF's Research Mission

The Research Fund enables OREF to support a research agenda that addresses priority issues by providing unrestricted, non-endowed gifts to fund clinical and basic research now. Areas supported by contributions made to the OREF Research Fund include but are not limited to: prevention of youth sports injuries; stem cells; hip and knee; patient safety; soft tissue; trauma and new investigators.

OREF is pleased to recognize these generous donors.

Research Fund Donors (up to $20,000*)

*Gifts of $20,000+ are recognized in the Visionary Research Society

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John S. Adams, MD
Laddie A. Agtarap, MD
Mrs. Martha Aitken
Christopher H. Allan, MD
Benjamin A. Alman, MD, FRCSC
American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons
John G. Anderson, MD
William C. Andrews Jr., MD
James P. Aplington, MD
Michael J. Archibeck, MD
Michael S. Aronow, MD
Raffi S. Avedian, MD
Gary Balian, PhD
Brett C. Barnes, MD
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Barbara Baugh
Timothy C. Beals, MD
Dr. Joan E. Bechtold and Mr. Brian S. Balleria
Asheesh Bedi, MD
Carlo Bellabarba, MD
Thomas L. Bernasek, MD
Matthew W. Beuchel, MD
Stephen F. Brockmeier, MD
Donald R. Bohay, MD
Robert H. Brophy, MD
Leo A. Calafi, MD
Matthew R. Camuso, MD
Dr. Michael W. and
    Mrs. Elizabeth C. Chapman
Dr. Howard and Mrs. Kari Chansky
Michael M. Chau, MD
Christopher S. Chenault, MD
Thomas D. Chi, MD
Herbert R. Clark, MD
Burnet Todd Clarke, MD
Joseph C. Clifford, MD
J. Chris Coetzee, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. & Nancy E. Cole
Charles N. Cornell, MD
Katherine J. Coyner, MD
Jay L. Crary, MD

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Dr. Mark and Mrs. Kim Dales
James Davitt, MD
G. Scott Dean, MD
Thomas C. Degenhardt, MD
David A. Deneka, MD
Mohammad Diab, MD
Gregory S. DiFelice, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. DiRaimondo
Benjamin DuBois, MD
John S. Early, MD
J. Ollie Edmunds, MD - Sequoia Foundation
J. Kent Ellington, MD
Dr. Andy and Mrs. Anna Engh
Donald P. Ericksen, MD

John A. Feagin Jr., MD
Reza Firoozabadi, MD
Michael T. Freehill, MD
Marshall S. Frumin, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Galinat
Michael J. Gardner, MD
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Susan Garfin
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Garrett
Michael F. Githens, MS, MD
Alexander Golant, MD
Pat Gorai & Andrew Dugowson
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Greenlee
Ted S. Gross, PhD

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Dr. Warren and Mrs. Cindy Haggard
Sig T. Hansen Jr., MD
Adam I. Harris, MD
Robert A. Harway, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Sherril Haynes
John H. Healey, MD
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Darlene Heinig
Scott M. Holthusen, MD
Phillip H. Horne, MD, PhD
Calvin Hu, MD
Fredrick S. Huang, MD
William M. Isbell, MD
Wells C. Jacobson, MD

A. Tyson Jennette, MD
William B. Jones, MD
Carleton A. Keck Jr., MD
Stephen A. Kennedy, MD
Dr. Keith and Mrs. Patty Kenter
M. Michael Khair, MD
David M. Kieras, MD
Brandon W. King, MD
Conor P. Kleweno, MD
Dr. Eric and Mrs. Joy Klineberg
James C. Krieg, MD
Drs. John and Janet Kuhn

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Alan J. Laing, MD
Bryan W. Lapinski, MD
Thomas M. Large, MD
Daryl S. Larke, MD
John J. Lee, MD
George W. LeFevre, MD
Brian D. Lewis, MD
Adam D. Lindsay, MD
Dr. Peter and Ms. Sharon Lopez
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Helen Lundeen
C. Benjamin Ma, MD
Philip A. Maddox, MD
Eric S. Malicky, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Maloney
Martin G. Mankey, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Tim & Mary Marino
Thomas J. Martens, MD
Daniel F. Massimini, PhD
Keith A. Mayo, MD
Moira M. McCarthy, MD
James E. Meeker, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Paula Menche
Michael H. Metcalf, MD
Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Carmen Metoyer
Joe T. Minchew, MD
Hilton Mirels, MD
Peter W. Mitchell, MD
Dr. Craig and Mrs. Julie Mohler
Matthew A. Mormino, MD
Isaac Moss, MD
Mark S. Muller, MD
David R. Nank, MD
James A. Nunley II, MD and
    Mrs. Elise C. Nunley
William T. Obremskey, MD, MPH
Luke S. Oh, MD
Matthew D. Olin, MD
Orthopaedic Trauma Association

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Garett J. Pangrazzi, MD
Cameron Patthanacharoenphon, MD
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Peggy Peroutka
Mr. Lance Peterson
Piedmont Orthopedic Society
Andrew N. Pollak, MD
J. Jeffrey Poggi, MD
Uma E. Ramadorai, DO
Kent A. Reinker, MD
Marc J. Richard, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Richardson
RIH Orthopaedic Foundation, Inc.
    In Honor of Michael G. Ehrlich, MD
Matthew M. Roberts, MD
Zachary V. Roberts, MD
Scott A. Rodeo, MD

Daniel T. Rose, MD
Mark S. Rosenthal, MD
David S. Ruch, MD
Matthew J. Salzler, MD
Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Mary Sangeorzan
Yvonne E. Satterwhite, MD
Dr. Gary and Mrs.
    Sonna Schniegenberg
Mr. Kenneth D. Schramm
Andrew R. Scott, MD
Richard L. Semon, MD
Michael J. Shereff, MD
Carla S. Smith, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Sutker
Julie A. Switzer, MD

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Dean C. Taylor, MD
Samuel A. Taylor, MD
Jeffrey Lee Tedder, MD
Steven C. Thomas, MD
Brian C. Toolan, MD
Dr. Marty and Mrs. Diane Tullus
Chris Urban, MD
Marjolein C. van der Meulen, PhD
Charles D. Varela, MD

Robert G. Veith, MD
Timothy G. Weber, MD
Edward Westrick, MD, ATC
Michael C. Willey, MD
Joan R. Williams, MD
Western Orthopaedic Association
Adam B. Yanke, MD
Dr. Michael and
    Mrs. Denise Zeide
Ferras Zeni, MD

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