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Providing patients with safe, proven, effective treatment options is the goal of every orthopaedic surgeon, but there are areas of practice where clarity does not exist because clinical data is not available. A lack of clear, unbiased data can make it challenging to convince a patient that a particular therapy may be the best option or to educate patients about therapies for which efficacy has not been established.

Through a partnership between the AAOS and OREF, you can help close those data gaps. To help jump start the effort in 2020, the AAOS is making an initial financial investment. Please join us in the effort to help support these investigational grants.

Click Here to Help Close the Gaps!

  • OREF will administer these grants through its peer-review grant process. Applications for the first grant funded through this program will be available in November 2020 and will address injectable orthobiologics for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.
  • A primary objective of funded studies will be determining clinical efficacy and safety of injectable orthobiologic treatments to provide decreased pain and improved function.
  • Studies will also seek to assess the mechanisms of action of injectable orthobiologic treatments in knee osteoarthritis to reduce pain and improve function or modify the progression of disease in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Join us today in the fight to close clinical data gaps and improve patient care with a gift to the OREF/AAOS Clinical Research Gaps Fund.