News from the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society
| Updated: 3-19-2024

RJOS and OREF Announce Collaborative Research Campaign

RJOS is excited to launch an RJOS/OREF collaboration on research to support the orthopaedic career path of women, drive innovation, and advance scientific knowledge that affects patient care and the practice of orthopaedics.

The collaboration will also help leverage increased funding to encourage, nurture and grow the population of new and diverse investigators and clinician scientists needed to pursue orthopaedic research and assume leadership roles throughout the spectrum of musculoskeletal activities.


Focused on Solutions
  • Gender inequities in orthopaedic care 
  • Gender inequities in orthopaedic research 
  • Promotion of diversity in orthopaedic surgical training 
  • Injury differences/diagnoses influenced by gender
  • Gender differences in sports injuries

This new collaboration between RJOS and OREF allows both organizations to focus on gender-relevant orthopaedic clinical issues, bringing complementary strengths and resources to support promising research.


Fundraising Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $44,000 to support a single grant of $40,000 or two grants of $20,000 each – and address the associated 10% administrative costs. We aim to exceed this goal and offer more grants with your support.

The RJOS/OREF Collaboration will focus on providing opportunities for mid-career clinician scholars. Eligible grant recipients are RJOS members within 5-15 years of initiating their career as Assistant or Associate Professor or clinical equivalent.

Every dollar donated will support this vital research initiative. We hope to count on you.

Click here to donate and make an impact.


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