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Become an Ambassador

Throughout its 60-year existence, OREF has supported important research that has helped the field of orthopaedics remain innovative and economically healthy—something that's good for all of us whether we do research ourselves or not.

Your efforts as a Volunteer Ambassador help OREF:
  • Give new investigators the opportunity to generate the early data that may allow them to secure NIH funding.
  • Bring together multiple stakeholders through a collaborative process that allows us to identify and fund the most important research topics for our field.
  • Provide funding to qualified investigators from all specialties.
To assist you in your role as OREF Ambassador, we have assembled an Ambassador Kit, below, that contains helpful tools and information that you are encouraged to reference in preparation for speaking with a colleague about supporting OREF. Familiarity with these resources will also help you when you are engaged in more informal conversations about OREF.

If you would like additional information about the OREF Ambassador Program, please contact:
John G. Johnson
Director of Campaigns
(847) 430-5106

Ambassador Kit