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Sigvard T. Hansen Jr., MD
Mentor Campaign Donor Honor ROll


OREF is partnering with Sigvard T. Hansen Jr., MD to explore the impact of required documentation, including the use of EMRs, on the amount and quality of time a physician has available to focus on direct patient care. Physicians who trained under Dr. Hansen are invited to support this research.The funds raised through the Hansen Mentor campaign will be used to support this research.

Click here to make a gift to support additional grant funding in this topic.

OREF would like to recognize and thank the following individuals who have contributed to this campaign. Co-chairs  of this campaign are recognized with one asterisk (*) and campaign committee members are recognized with two asterisks (**).


Dave and Chris Brokaw
    In memory of Jim and Betty Brokaw
DePuy Synthes companies of Johnson & Johnson
Andrew K. Sands, MD**


Sigvard T. Hansen Jr., MD
Brian C. Toolan, MD**
Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD**


Laddie A. Agtarap, MD
John G. Anderson, MD
John S. Early, MD
Pat Gorai & Andrew Dugowson
     In memory of Dr. John M. Clark Jr.
James C. Krieg, MD*
Eric S. Malicky, MD
Keith A. Mayo, MD
Matthew M. Roberts, MD
Bruce Sangeorzan, MD*
Lisa A. Taitsman, MD**
Robert G. Veith, MD
Timothy G. Weber, MD


Michael S. Aronow, MD
Brett C. Barnes, MD
Donald R. Bohay, MD
Howard A. Chansky, MD*
Jay L. Crary, MD
Martin G. Mankey, MD


Timothy C. Beals, MD
    In Memory of Rodney K. Beals, MD
Carlo Bellabarba, MD
Matthew R. Camuso, MD*
Thomas D. Chi, MD
Herbert R. Clark, MD
Johannes C. Coetzee, MD
James P. Crutcher Jr., MD
James S. Davitt, MD
David A. Deneka, MD
Mohammad Diab, MD
Donald P. Ericksen, MD
Theodore K. Greenlee Jr., MD
Fredrick S. Huang, MD
Wells C. Jacobson, MD
David M. Kieras, MD
Alan J. Laing, MD
Bryan W. Lapinski, MD
Michael H. Metcalf, MD
Hilton Mirels, MD
Zachary V. Roberts, MD
Richard L. Semon, MD
Carla S. Smith, MD
Dr. Marty and Mrs. Diane Tullus

Up to $999

Christopher H. Allan, MD
Barbara L. Baugh, MD
Matthew W. Beuchel, MD
Leo A. Calafi, MD
Burnet Todd Clarke, MD
Joseph C. Clifford, MD
Charles N. Cornell, MD
Benjamin DuBois, MD
John K. Ellington, MD
Reza Firoozabadi, MD
Michael J. Gardner, MD
Michael F. Githens, MD
Ted S. Gross, MD
Scott M. Holthusen, MD
Calvin Hu, MD
Carleton A. Keck Jr., MD
Stephen A. Kennedy, MD
Brandon W. King, MD
Conor P. Kleweno, MD
Eric O. Klineberg, MD
Thomas M. Large, MD
John J. Lee, MD
James E. Meeker, MD
Samir Mehta, MD
Peter W. Mitchell, MD
David R. Nank, MD
William T. Obremskey, MD, MPH
Cameron Patthanacharoenphon, MD
Uma E. Ramadorai, MD
Julie A. Switzer, MD
Steven C. Thomas, MD
Edward Westrick, MD, ATC
Joan R. Williams, MD
Ferras Zeni, MD

*Committee Member