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robert d. d'ambrosia, MD Mentor Campaign Donor Honor ROll

This special campaign honors Dr. Robert D. D'Ambrosia, chairman emeritus of the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of Colorado and former chair at Louisiana State University, and valued mentor to his fellows and residents. Dr. D'Ambrosia is a former grant recipient and a longtime supporter of OREF and we are honored to be partnering with him on this campaign.

Funds raised through this campaign will support research that investigates osteoporosis, the focus area selected by Dr. D'Ambrosia.

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OREF would like to recognize and thank everyone who has contributed to this campaign to date.


Sergiu O. Botolin, MD


Evalina and Kees Van Der Walt


Colorado Orthopaedic Society
Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Breanna Hunt
Dr. Shep and Mrs. Gretta Hurwitz
Dr. Wayne and Mrs. Cassandra Johnson
Andrew G. King, MD
Dr. Vikas V. Patel and Mrs. Lisa Paloso
Kareem G. Sobky, MD
Jason W. Stoneback, MD

Up to $999.99

Douglas J. Adams, PhD
Michael R. Dayton, MD
Timothy P. Finney, MD
Daniel J. Gallagher, MD
Greg Glover
T. Jay Kleeman, MD
Dr. Peter Krause and Ms. Sara Echaniz
Star L. Nixon, MD, MPH
Michael J. Zuscik, PhD