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Bernard R. Bach Jr., MD
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This campaign honors Dr. Bernard R. Bach Jr., the Claude N. Lambert, MD - Helen S. Thomson Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Director of the Division of Sports Medicine and Director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program at Rush University Medical Center. Gifts donated in honor of Dr. Bach, a former member of the OREF Board of Trustees, will be used to fund annual resident research projects in sports medicine-related topics.

Grants funded by contributions to this campaign:

Manuel Schubert, MD
University of Michigan
Epigenetic Programming of Satellite Cells from the Rotator Cuff
In honor of Bernard R. Bach Jr., MD

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OREF would like to recognize and thank the following individuals who have contributed to this campaign. Co-chairs  of this campaign are recognized with one asterisk (*) and campaign committee members are recognized with two asterisks (**).


Charles A. Bush-Joseph, MD**
John J. Callaghan, MD
Shane J. Nho, MD, MS
Geoffrey S. Van Thiel, MD
Nikhil N. Verma, MD**
Adam B. Yanke, MD


Matthew L. Busam, MD
Brian S. Cohen, MD
Robert C. Grumet, MD
D. Daniel Rotenberg, MD
Seth L. Sherman, MD
Eric J. Strauss, MD


Champ L. Baker III, MD
Robert A. Creighton, MD
Neil S. Ghodadra, MD
Andreas H. Gomoll, MD
Wendell M.R. Heard, MD 
Mahmoud M. Khair, MD
Randhir F. Mascarenhas, MD, FRCSC
Thomas H. Wuerz, MD


Andrew J. Cosgarea, MD
Anne E. Deirmengian, MD
     and Carl A. Deirmengian, MD
James D. Ferrari, MD 
Patrick C. McCulloch, MD 
Michael J. Salata, MD
Robert A. Sellards, MD
Steven Tradonsky, MD

Up to $999

Ljiljana Bogunovic, MD
Kirk A. Campbell, MD
Aman Dhawan, MD
Eric C. Makhni, MD
John-Paul H. Rue, MD
Washington University School of Medicine

**Campaign Co-Chair