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Russell F. Warren, MD Mentor Campaign

In collaboration with the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM)

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Dr. Warren's campaign


This special campaign honors Dr. Russell F. Warren, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and valued mentor to generations of sports medicine fellows and residents at HSS.

Funds raised through this campaign will support research grants in soft tissue repair and regeneration, the focus selected by Dr. Warren. Specific topics funded could include: stem cell engineering, developmental skeletal biology, cell-matrix interactions, tissue engineering and translational research related to techniques and strategies for tissue repair and regeneration.


Warren Campaign Funded Research (as of 10/25/19)

2019- Natalie L. Leong, MD, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Study: "Therapeutic Application of Perivascular Stem Cells to Rotator Cuff Repair"

2018 - Rhima Coleman, PhD, University of Michigan
Study: "A Closed-Loop Gene Circuit to Enhance Articular Cartilage Regeneration"

2016 - Matthew A. Halanski, MD, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Study: "Therapeutic Application of M2 Macrophages to Improve Tendon Healing"

2016 - Frank A. Petrigliano, MD, University of California, Los Angeles
Study: "Combinatorial Regenerative Therapy for Muscle Injury in Rotator Cuff Tears"

We are grateful to everyone who has supported this campaign to date.

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