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Research Grants Committee

The Research Grants Committee allocates research funding for OREF's grant and award programs, and is responsible for:
  • Establishing criteria for the distribution of available funds
  • Overseeing an independent peer review process
  • Overseeing the preparation and distribution of promotional information and applications for research grants and awards
  • Making decisions regarding the awarding of funds for research consistent with OREF's mission, goals and objectives
The members of the Research Grants Committee are appointed by the OREF Board of Trustees and must not be aware of any conflicts of interest related to their participation on the committee. Membership, inclusive of participation on any peer review committee, is limited to a maximum of seven years.

All appointments to the research peer review committees are by nomination of the Research Grants Committee, which determines the number of peer review committees and their members. The Research Grants Committee may request recommendations from orthopaedic societies or any other organization which has a substantial interest in research consistent with OREF's goals and objectives.

Research Grants Committee Members

Francis Y. Lee, MD, PhD, Chair
New Haven, CT

Nicholas M. Bernthal, MD, Vice Chair
Santa Monica, CA

Brian Feeley, MD
San Francisco, CA
Eric R. Henderson, MD
Lebanon, NH

Joshua J. Jacobs, MD
Chicago, IL

Brian Johnstone, PhD
Portland, OR
Marci D. Jones, MD
Boston, MA

Philipp Leucht, MD, FAOA
New York, NY
George F. Muschler, MD
Cleveland, OH

Andrew N. Pollak, MD
Baltimore, MD

Thomas P. Sculco, MD
New York, NY

Matthew J. Silva, PhD
St. Louis, MO
Timothy Wright, PhD
New York, NY

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