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The OREF Board of Trustees and Staff extend their sincere gratitude to all of OREF's donors. For 63 years, OREF's donors have demonstrated their belief in the value of orthopaedic research. All donors are recognized annually in OREF's Donor Honor Roll Book.

OREF is pleased to recognize the following donors who made a leadership-level gift in November 2018.

November Order of Merit Donors

Donors who gave at the Order of Merit level of $1,000 or greater gift with at least $500 directed to OREF Annual Fund. Sustaining Order of Merit donors who gave $1,000 or greater gift directed to OREF Annual Fund are recognized in bold.

November Research Fund Donors

Donors who gave $1,000 or greater gift directed to the OREF Research Fund. Research Fund donors who gave at the Visionary Research Society level of $20,000 or more are recognized in bold.

November Resident Donors
Residents who made a contribution to OREF in November.

November Order of Merit Donors

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Ajay Aggarwal, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Albert
Jay C. Albright, MD
Michael M. Alexiades, MD
Answorth A. Allen, MD
Scott W. Alpert, MD
David W. Altchek, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Anderson
Scott A. Anderson, MD
David E. Asprinio, MD
Michael P. Ast, MD
Edward A. Athanasian, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Claudia Attarian
Donald S. Bae, MD
Geoffrey S. Baer, MD, PhD
Andrea M. Bauer, MD
Dr. Joan E. Bechtold and Mr. Brian S. Balleria
Asheesh Bedi, MD
Miranda Bice, MD
Dr. Benjamin and Mrs. Annabelle Bierbaum
Dr. and Mrs. E. Lawrence Bingham
John S. Blanco, MD
Richard M. Bochner, MD
Friedrich Boettner, MD

Dr. Gary and Mrs. Marcia Bos
Dr. and Mrs. Mathias P. G. Bostrom
Martin Boublik, MD
Jonathan T. Bravman, MD
Jay T. Bridgeman, MD
George W. Brindley, MD
Dr. Darrel S. and Mrs. Anne E. Brodke
John and Rosemary Brown
Robert L. Buly, MD
Evalina L. Burger Vanderwalt, MD
Christopher M. Cain, MD
Frank P. Cammisa Jr., MD
Alberto V. Carli, MD
Michelle Gerwin Carlson, MD
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Shamita Carrigan
Frank M. Chang, MD
Theodore J. Choma, MD
Elizabeth A. Cody, MD
Struan H. Coleman, MD, PhD
Frank A. Cordasco, MD, MS
Charles N. Cornell, MD
Brett D. Crist, MD
Michael B. Cross, MD
Matthew E. Cunningham, MD, PhD

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Katherine S. Dahab, MD
Aaron Daluiski, MD
Dr. Robert D. and Mrs. Barbara D'Ambrosia
Michael R. Dayton, MD
Jonathan T. Deland, MD
Constantine A. Demetracopoulos, MD
Gregory S. DiFelice, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Dines
Joshua S. Dines, MD
Emily R. Dodwell, MD
Christopher M. Domes, MD
Nathan Donaldson, DO
Christopher J. Doro, MD
Shevaun M. Doyle, MD
Mark C. Drakos, MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Carrie Duquin
Robert E. Eilert, MD
Dr. Frank and Mrs. Emily Eismont
Andrew J. Elliott, MD
Scott J. Ellis, MD
Drs. John and S. Jean Emans
Mark and Susan Erickson
Mr. George and Mrs. Lisa Etheridge
Andrea J. Evenski, MD
Peter D. Fabricant, MD
Gary A. Fantini, MD
James C. Farmer, MD

Stephen Fealy, MD
Douglas A. Fehrman, MD
Kyle C. Fiala, DPM
Mark P. Figgie, MD
Austin T. Fragomen, MD
Amy K. Franta, MD
Duretti T. Fufa, MD
John W. Gainor, MD
Sumeet Garg, MD
Lloyd B. Gayle, MD
James W. Genuario, MD
Gaia Georgopoulos, MD
Federico P. Girardi, MD
Michael P. Glotzbecker, MD
Christina L. Goldstein, MD
Andreas H. Gomoll, MD
Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle, MD
David C. Goodspeed, MD
Charles B. Goodwin, MD
J. Eric Gordon, MD
Melissa A. Gorman, MD
Daniel W. Green, MD
Brian F. Grogan, MD
Ronald P. Guiao, MD
Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD
Sumit K. Gupta, MD

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Steven B. Haas, MD
Nancy A. Hadley-Miller, MD
Matthew F. Halsey, MD
Jo A. Hannafin, MD, PhD
Megan M. Hannon, MD
John H. Healey, MD
Daniel J. Hedequist, MD
David L. Helfet, MD
David Hennessy, MD
Benton E. Heyworth, MD
Daniel G. Hoernschemeyer, MD
Lloyd A. Hoffman, MD
Craig A. Hogan, MD
Robert N. Hotchkiss, MD
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Carolyn Houseworth
M. Timothy Hresko, MD
Russell C. Huang, MD
Alexander P. Hughes, MD
Kenneth J. Hunt, MD
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Sonya Hurst
David M. Hyams, MD
Joseph P. Iannotti, MD, PhD
Richard L. Illgen II, MD
Allan E. Inglis Jr., MD
Sravisht Iyer, MD

Seth A. Jerabek, MD
Anne H. Johnson, MD
Frederic L. Johnstone, MD
Edward C. Jones, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan S. Kamps
Lana Kang, MD
Lawrence I. Karlin, MD
James R. Kasser, MD
Jay D. Keener, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Keeney
Anne M. Kelly, MD
Bryan T. Kelly, MD
John G. Kennedy, MD
Tom Kennedy, MD
Han Jo Kim, MD
Young-Jo Kim, MD, PhD
Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Mary Kirk
Felix M. Kirven, MD
Christopher J. Kleck, MD
Mininder S. Kocher, MD, MPH
Dennis E. Kramer, MD
Lisa M. Kruse, MD
Jennifer L. Kummer, MD
Ken N. Kuo, MD

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Joseph M. Lane, MD
Gerald J. Lang, MD
Pamela J. Lang, MD
Alejandro Leali, MD
Darren R. Lebl, MD, MBA
Steven K. Lee, MD
David S. Levine, MD
Randall J. Lewis, MD
Wan-Ju Li, PhD
Bennie G. P. Lindeque, MD
John C. L'Insalata, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Sterrett Lloyd III
John P. Lyden, MD
John D. MacGillivray, MD
Susan T. Mahan, MD
Robert G. Marx, MD, FRCSC
Travis H. Matheney, MD
Collin J. May, MD
Braden K. Mayer, MD
Stephanie W. Mayer, MD
David J. Mayman, MD
Michael J. Maynard, MD
Steven J. McAnany, MD
Moira M. McCarthy, MD
Robert A. McGuire Jr., MD

Alexander S. McLawhorn, MD
Omer Mei-Dan, MD
Dr. Ryan and Mrs. Tracy Meis
Joshua A. Metzl, MD
Matthew D. Milewski, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Millis
Kristin T. Mizerik, MD
Daniel K. Moon, MD, MBA
William J. Mott, MD
M. Siobhan Murphy-Zane, MD
Martha M. Murray, MD
Travis N. Murray, MD
Danyal H. Nawabi, MD, FRCS
Brian T. Nickel, MD
Dr. Ken Noonan and Mrs. Carrie Askew Noonan
Thomas J. Noonan, MD
Eduardo V. Novais, MD
Stephen J. O'Brien, MD, MBA
Courtney M. O'Donnell, MD
Patrick F. O'Leary, MD
Martin J. O'Malley, MD
Vincent G. Oriente, MD
John F. Orwin, MD
Daniel A. Osei, MD
David C. Ou-Yang, MD

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Douglas E. Padgett, MD
Michael L. Parks, MD
Vikas V. Patel, MD
Andrew D. Pearle, MD
Paul M. Pellicci, MD
Aaron J. Provance, MD
Sheeraz A. Qureshi, MD
Cathleen L. Raggio, MD
Amar S. Ranawat, MD
Anil S. Ranawat, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Chitranjan S. Ranawat
Bernard A. Rawlins, MD
Jason T. Rhodes, MD
William M. Ricci, MD
Daniel S. Rich, MD
Matthew M. Roberts, MD
Scott A. Rodeo, MD
Jose A. Rodriguez, MD
Kurt M. Rongstad, MD
Howard A. Rose, MD
Kenneth O. Rothaus, MD
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Joni Routman
S. Robert Rozbruch, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo A. Salvati
Andrew A. Sama, MD
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Rebecca Samuelson
Harvinder S. Sandhu, MD
John F. Sarwark, MD
Tamara A. Scerpella, MD
Bob and Trish Schenck
David M. Scher, MD

Theodore F. Schlegel, MD
Frank J. Schwab, MD
Frank A. Scott, MD
Peter K. Sculco, MD
Thomas P. Sculco, MD
Adam J. Seidl, MD
Dr. Brian A. Shaw and Mrs. Lisa F. Shaw
Mark F. Sherman, MD
Benjamin J. Shore, MD
Nader A. Shourbaji, MD
Dr. Beth E. Shubin-Stein and Dr. Christopher S. Ahmad
Sarah E. Sibbel, MD
Ernest L. Sink, MD
Matthew J. Smith, MD
Brian D. Snyder, MD, PhD
Samantha A. Spencer, MD
Andrea Spiker, MD
Matthew W. Squire, MD
James P. Stannard, MD
Andrew M. Star, MD
Robert S. Sterling, MD
John Stevens, MD and Cheri Stevens, RN
Kenneth D. Stone, MD
Jason W. Stoneback, MD
Sabrina M. Strickland, MD
S. David Stulberg, MD
Edwin P. Su, MD
Benjamin Summerhays, DPM
Karen M. Sutton, MD
Emily A. Sweeney, MD

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Samuel A. Taylor, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Thornhill
Martin A. Torch, MD
Samir Trehan, MD
Clifford B. Tribus, MD
Ray Vanderby Jr., PhD
Armando F. Vidal, MD
Kurt V. Voellmicke, MD
Carley B. Vuillermin, MBBS, FRACS
Bradford S. Waddell, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Russell F. Warren
Peter M. Waters, MD
Colyn J. Watkins, MD
Lawrence X. Webb, MD
Andrew J. Weiland, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Weinstein
David S. Wellman, MD
Geoffrey H. Westrich, MD

Paul S. Whiting, MD
Thomas L. Wickiewicz, MD
Roger F. Widmann, MD
Kathryn L. Williams, MD
Riley J. Williams III, MD
Seth K. Williams, MD
Julie C. Wilson, MD
Russell E. Windsor, MD
Michelle L. Wolcott, MD
Scott W. Wolfe, MD
John K. Wollaeger, MD
Cara M. Wylie, DPM
Yi-Meng Yen, MD
Stefan V. Zachary, DO, MS
Thomas A. Zdeblick, MD
Steven B. Zelicof, MD, PhD
Dan A. Zlotolow, MD

November 2018 Research Fund Donors

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Terri Barrack
Dr. Adam and Mrs. Julie Harris

November 2018 Resident Donors

Frank Aversano, MD
Derek Axibal, MD
Kimberly Bartosiak, MD
Daniel Bechtold, MD
Matthew D. Belton, MD
Katherine Buesser, MD
Justin Chang, MD
Peter Chang, MD
Joseph Chavarria, MD
Christopher Chen, MD
David Clever, MD
John C. Clohisy, MD
Chris Cosgrove, MD
Chase S. Dean, MD
Clarabelle A. DeVries, MD
Kent Doan, MD
Diana Douleh, MD
Robin H. Dunn, MD
Nishant Dwivedi, MD
Byron Ellis, MD
Derrick Foge, MD
Tyler Freeman, MD
Erica Giles, MD
Rebecca L. Griffith, MD
Justin Hicks, MD
Ryan Hill, MD
Thomas Hong, MD
Paul Inclan, MD
Trevor Jackson, MD
Steven Jones, MD
Christopher Joyce, MD
Adam Z. Khan, MD
Jason Koerner, MD
Eitan Kohan, MD
Jonathan Koscso, MD
Joseph D. Lamplot, MD
Daniel J. Lee, MD
Alex Lencioni, MD
James Lendrum, MD
Charles Lockwood, MD
Stephanie Logterman, MD
Daniel A. London, MD, MS
Nicole Look, MD
Andrew Maertens, MD
Alan McGee, MD
Mia McNulty, MD
Zachary I. Meyer, MD
Johnathan C. Miller, MD
Michelle Mo, MD
Marie Morris, MD
Douglas Nestorovski, MD
Mitchel Obey, MD
Ugochi C. Okoroafor, MD
Robert Owen, MD
Ronak M. Patel, MD
Kristen L. Ploetze, MD
Parker J. Prusick, MD
Richard D. Rames, MD
Michael Reiter, MD
Jesse Roberts, MD
Robert S. Runyon, MD
Kevin Schafer, MD
Liz Scott, MD
Max Shlykov, MD
Jordan Stivers, MD
Allison Tetreault, MD
Andrea Tian, MD
David Woods, MD
Melissa Wright, MD
Henry Yu, MD