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Your Gifts At Work

Research Profiles

  • Robin M. Queen, PhD

    Failed total ankle arthroplasty

    Robin M. Queen, PhD OREF Research Grant in Revision Related to Total Ankle Arthroplasty

    OREF grant recipient assesses treatment options

  • Michael J. Monument, MD

    Searching for Ewing Sarcoma Genetic Triggers

    Michael J. Monument, M OREF Young Investigator Grant

    OREF grant recipient works to solve random onset of this childhood cancer

  • Paul R. Kuzyk, MD

    Periprosthetic Femur Fracture Fixation

    Paul R. Kuzyk, MD OREF/Zimmer Young Investigator Grant

    OREF grant recipient tests which treatment methods are most effective

  • William N. Levine, MD

    Revisiting rotator cuff repairs

    William N. Levine, MD OREF/ASES/Rockwood Clinical Research Grant in Shoulder Care

    With funding from OREF, researcher examines factors that affect patient satisfaction and function

  • Tamara D. Rozental, MD

    Lessons From the Wrist

    Tamara D. Rozental, MD RJOS/OREF/DePuy Research Grant in Women's Musculoskeletal Health

    OREF grant recipient looks for ways to predict risk and prevent fragility fractures

  • Frank A. Petrigliano, MD

    Better Rotator Cuff Tear Repair

    Frank A. Petrigliano, MD OREF/Zimmer Young Investigator Grant

    OREF grant recipent investigates promising perivascular stem cell therapy

  • Roger Cornwall, MD

    Unlocking the biology of NBPI

    Roger Cornwall, MD OREF Career Development Grant

    OREF grant recipient probes cellular mechanisms underlying neonatal brachial plexus injury

  • Joshua A. Gordon, MD

    Examining Achilles Tendon Rehabilitation Strategies

    Joshua A. Gordon, MD Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant

    OREF grant recipient tests strategies following surgical repair

  • OREF grant recipient scopes the effects of meniscal tear “repairs”

    Christina R. Allen, MD OREF/Goldberg Research Grant in Arthritis

    OREF grant recipient investigates how meniscal tears and meniscectomies contribute to early cartilage damage and lead to osteoarthritis

  • What Type of Knee replacement is best?

    Jason E. Lang, MD Research Grant

    OREF-funded study compares posterior cruciate ligament retaining and posterior-substituting designs

  • Bishop. AllenT._recd020315 photo

    Research: A Recipe for Better Care

    Allen T. Bishop, MD 1999 Career Development Grant | 1988 Research Grant
    March 2015

    Early funding from OREF leads to successful research career, improved treatments

  • Phisitkul,Phinit,MD_recd032513

    Syndesmotic Compression: How Much Is Too Much?

    Phinit Phisitkul, MD 2012 Young Investigator Grant

    OREF-funded study looks at how compression across the syndesmosis affects ankle kinematics

  • Leong,NatalieL.,MD_solomicslide_recd040314

    Reconstructing the ACL

    Natalie L. Leong, MD 2014 DePuy Resident Research Project Grant | 2013 Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant

    OREF-funded study looks at a novel tissue-engineered graft

  • Weiss,KurtR.,MD_mountainclimbing_recd031414

    From Patient to Practice

    Kurt R. Weiss, MD 2007 Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF) | 2007 DePuy Resident Research Project Grant

    Firsthand experience and OREF funding fuel efforts to prevent osteosarcoma metastasis

  • Nazarian,Ara,DrSc_and_ShohrehBehrouzi_reviewingCTRa_2_photocourtesyofMr.OhanManoukian_recd082014

    Bone rigidity

    Ara Nazarian, DrSc 2012 Prospective Clinical Research Grant

    OREF grant recipient looks at new method to predict fractures in patients with metastatic bone disease

  • Saul,KatherineR.,PhD_microCTscan_recd051414

    Getting to the Why of Birth Palsy Shoulder Deformity

    Katherine R. Saul, PhD 2013 OREF/POSNA Research Grant in Pediatric Orthopaedics

    Researchers make gains with the help of OREF, POSNA

  • Bostrom, Mathias_rec2008

    HSS Residents Learn the Research Ropes with OREF

    Mathias P.G. Bostrom, MD 2008 Thomas M. Coffman Career Development Award
    November 2014

    HSS turns to OREF, the gold standard in resident research grants, to train new residents

  • Mannava,Sandeep,MD,PhD_recd063014

    Does Age Affect Surgically Repaired Rotator Cuffs?

    Sandeep Mannava, MD, PhD 2011 Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant

    OREF-funded study looks at pathophysiology of tendon-to-bone healing in older patients

  • Farmer,KevinW.,MD_intheOR1_recd053014

    Getting Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasties Just Right

    Kevin W. Farmer, MD 2011 Young Investigator Grant

    OREF grant recipient aims to set new tensioning protocols

  • Werner,BrianC.,MD_recd022514

    Turning Fat into Bone

    Brian C. Werner, MD 2011 MTF/Charles H. Herndon Resident Clincian Scientist Training Grant

    OREF grant recipient investigates application of adipose stem cells to improve spinal-fusion outcomes

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