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Jorge O. Galante, MD
Mentor Campaign Donors

OREF is partnering with Jorge O. Galante, MD, to support research in total joint repair and replacement. Physicians who trained under Dr. Galante are invited to once again join his team and support OREF research.

Click here to make a gift to support additional grant funding in this topic.

OREF would like to recognize and thank the individuals listed below, who have already made generous gifts to this campaign. OREF would like to recognize and thank everyone who has contributed to this campaign to date. Co-chairs  of this campaign are recognized with one asterisk (*) and campaign committee members are recognized with two asterisks (**). Deceased donors are indicated by a dot (•).


Thomas P. Andriacchi, PhD
Richard A. Berger, MD
John J. Callaghan, MD
Jorge O. Galante, MD
Aaron G. Rosenberg, MD**


Christopher L. Peters, MD and
    Mrs. Rhondi Peters*


William J. Maloney, MD
Craig G. Mohler, MD
Ray C. Wasielewski, MD


Michael J. Archibeck, MD
Craig J. Della Valle, MD
Adam I. Harris, MD
Joshua J. Jacobs, MD
Douglas E. Padgett, MD*
Dennis P. Rivero, MD

**Campaign Committee