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    • The Shands Circle is OREF's most prestigious recognition society.

      Formed in 1994 to provide long-term funding for independent, peer-reviewed research and education initiatives, the Shands Circle is OREF’s premier recognition society.  The Shands Circle honors one of OREF’s founders, Alfred R. Shands Jr., MD, and recognizes the foresight and generosity of its members whose contributions form the basis for the OREF Endowment.

      Membership is open to all donors who demonstrate a long-term commitment to advancing orthopaedics with a cash contribution of $20,000 or more, or a deferred gift of $100,000 or more.  Shands Circle members qualify for special recognition and other benefits linked to giving level.

      Shands Circle Giving Levels
      Platinum $1 million and Above
      Gold $500,000 — $999,999
      Silver $250,000 — $499,999
      Bronze $100,000 — $249,999
      Copper $20,000 — $99,999

      Shands Circle commitments support OREF research and education projects that demonstrate clinical relevance and meet the scientific/educational standards established by the Research Grants and Educational Grants committees, including OREF’s independent peer-review process, modeled on the process used by the National Institutes of Health. Members may also direct a portion of their commitments to partner-specific endowment funds.

      Contributions to the OREF Endowment are continually invested and re-invested. A modest annual distribution goes to fund research and education projects, leaving the principal in place as a base to drive more earnings to fund more research and education. Put another way, Shands Circle commitments ensure that orthopaedic research and education are funded in perpetuity.

      Shands Circle members are also encouraged to support the OREF Annual Campaign to fund current research and education projects.  An Annual Campaign contribution this year will help fund important research and education next year.

      For more information about the Shands Circle, please contact:

      Ed Hoover
      Vice President, Development
      (847) 384-4354


       “I am committed to research and recognize that without OREF research in musculoskeletal disease would stagnate.  Instead, it is flourishing. 
      This is good for everyone!”
      2007 Shands Circle member
      Kent A. Reinker, MD on why he decided to direct his contribution to the OREF fund


      “We, as orthopaedic surgeons, are responsible for helping sustain the technological advances that have
      brought so much to our field.  With
      all the ways to contribute financially
      and compared to what we make for a living, I consider funding research
      and education an obligation.”
      2007 Shands Circle member
      Michael H. Bourne, MD, speaking about a gift given by him and
      Judi Bourne