Leave Your Legacy

 Endow Research That Carries Your Name Forever

A fitting tribute to your life’s work
Celebrate a lifetime of achievement — yours, a mentor’s, or a valued colleague’s — with a Legacy Gift to OREF.  Your Legacy Gift of $500,000 or more will establish permanent support for clinically relevant research, providing invaluable support for generations of gifted investigators and making an inestimable contribution to orthopaedic medicine.

When you make a Legacy Gift, the amount you contribute is added to the OREF Endowment, a growing pool of major gifts that is invested and reinvested on a continual basis.  Earnings generated by the Endowment are withdrawn once a year to fund important research and education programs.  OREF uses a planned 5% annual payout from the Endowment along with contributions to the OREF Annual Campaign to fund its grants and awards.

Here are some examples of the scale of research that a Legacy Gift can fund on an ongoing basis.

  • A $500,000 gift will yield $25,000 per year forever, enough to fund an OREF Resident Clinician Scientist Training Grant in perpetuity.
  • A $1 million gift yields $50,000 per year forever, enough to fund an OREF Research Grant or Propsective Clinical Research Grant in perpetuity.
  • A $2 million gift yields $100,000 per year forever, enough to fund an OREF Clinical Scientist Award or Career Development Award in perpetuity.

Giving on your terms
OREF will work with you so that your Legacy Gift is a reflection of your priorities and concerns. 

  • You choose how to name the award.  Some donors take advantage of the opportunity to acknowledge their families, or pay tribute to a mentor or colleague.
  • If you wish, you may specify a research focus relating to anatomy, pathology, and/or constituency. 
  • Grant/award recipients will be chosen through OREF’s peer-review process, which is modeled on the National Institutes of Health protocol.  If you wish, you may participate in the selection process and receive reports as research progresses.
  • If you wish, you may also engage in the mentoring process, whether selectively or on an ongoing basis. 

Choose the giving mechanism(s) best for you
There are a range of financial mechanism(s) to choose from to establish you Legacy Gift.  Please consult a financial professional to optimize your choices.

Options include:

  • Cash or Cash Equivalents, such as stocks, bonds, or real estate and other real property.
  • Deferred Gift Arrangements, such as bequests, life insurance, and various types of trusts.
Research Grant/Award Description Annual Amount Awarded Gift Commitment Needed to Endow
OREF Clinician Scientist Award This award encourages young orthopaedic surgeons to pursue a career as a clinician scientist, someone who wants to pursue a career in research while remaining in clinical practice. $100,000 for each of three years $ 2 Million
OREF Career Development Award This award encourages a multi-year commitment to scientific research in orthopaedic surgery. $100,000 for each of three years $ 2 Million
OREF Prospective Clinical Research Grant This award funds promising prospective clinical research projects. $50,000 for each of three years $ 1 Million
OREF Research Grant This award recognizes outstanding clinical research related to musculoskeletal disease or injury. $50,000 for each of two years $ 1 Million
OREF Resident Research Award This award encourages development of an interest in research for residents and orthopaedic fellows. $25,000 for one year $ 500,000



For more information, please contact:

Ed Hoover
VP, Development
(847) 430-5105

Dr. & Mrs. Mahendra R. Patel
Dr. & Mrs. Mahendra R. Patel established their Legacy Gift through a combination of cash, life insurance and a charitable remainder trust.  When fully funded, the gift will endow:
> One OREF Clinician Scientist Award
> One OREF Career Development Award
> One OREF Prospective Clinical Research Award
> Three OREF Research Grants
> Four OREF Resident Clinician Scientist Research Awards

Dr. Dane & Mary Louise Miller
Dr. Dane & Mary Louise Miller initiated a series of stock gifts in 1996.  OREF converted the Millers’ stock to cash, yielding tax benefits to the Millers and a fully funded Legacy Gift that currently supports:
> One OREF Clinician Scientist Award
> One OREF Career Development Award
> One Prospective Clinical Research Grant
> Four Resident Clinical Scientist Research Awards

The Charles A. Rockwood Jr., M.D. Family
The Charles A. Rockwood Jr., MD Family
, here represented by Dr. and Mrs. Jane Rockwood, made a Legacy Gift pledge commitment in 2006 to establish a research grant in shoulder care that will forever bear the family name.  The pledge was fulfilled in installments, and was completed the fall of 2007. 
> OREF/ASES/Rockwood Clinical Shoulder Research Grant