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 Phinit Phisitkul, MD February 2015: ANKLE
Syndesmotic Compression: How Much Is Too Much?—OREF-funded study looks at how compression across the syndesmosis affects ankle kinematics
Natalie L. Leong, MD January 2015: ACL
Reconstructing the ACL: OREF-funded study looks at a novel tissue-engineered graft
 Kurt R. Weiss, MD December 2014: METASTASIS PREVENTION
From Patient to Practice: Firsthand experience and OREF funding fuel efforts to prevent osteosarcoma metastasis
 Ara Nazarian, DrSc November 2014: FRACTURE RISK
Bone Rigidity: Assessing the Impact of Malignant Lesions—OREF grant recipient wants to predict fractures in patients with metastatic bone disease
 Katherine R. Saul, PhD October 2014: BIRTH PALSY
Getting to the Why of Birth Palsy Shoulder Deformity: Researchers make gains with the help of OREF, POSNA
 Mathias P. G. Bostrom, MD September 2014: NEW INVESTIGATORS
HSS Residents Learn the Research Ropes with OREF
 Middle-aged versus aged surgically repaired rotator cuffs August 2014: AGE AND HEALING
Does Age Affect Surgically Repaired Rotator Cuffs?—OREF-funded study looks at pathophysiology of tendon-to-bone healing in older patients
 Kevin W. Farmer, MD July 2014: SHOULDER ARTHROPLASTY
Getting Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasties Just Right: OREF grant recipient aims to set new tensioning protocols
 Thomas P. Sculco, MD June 2014: RESEARCH TRADITIONS
Past and Present: HSS and OREF Share a Strong Commitment to Research
John J. Callaghan, MD May 2014: VALUE OF RESEARCH
New OREF President’s Focus: The Value of Research—New president and trustees will carry forward OREF’s focus on research
callaghan April 2014: SPINAL FUSION
Turning Fat into Bone: OREF grant recipient investigates application of adipose stem cells to improve spinal-fusion outcomes
Grip strength test—Michelle A. James, MD research March 2014: HAND
Pilot Study Focuses on Hand Function: OREF grant recipient leads effort to advance treatment for children with hand anomalies
James P. Lawrence, MD February 2014: LOW BACK
Nimodipine Can Slow Disk Degeneration in the Spine: OREF-funded research shows promise for treating low back pain
Austin V.Stone,MD,PhD January 2014: OSTEOARTHRITIS
Must Osteoarthritis Always Follow a Meniscal Injury?—OREF grant recipient works to eliminate link between injury and chronic pain
Bruce T.Henderson, MD,his wife, Jan, and John (Jack) Mayes December 2013: LEGACY
Bequest Funds Stem-Cell Research: Doctor-patient friendship leads to OREF funding
Sevan Hopyan, MD, PhD November 2013: LIMB DEVELOPMENT
From Limb Deficiency to (Re)Generation: OREF grant recipient seeks to understand the origin of congenital limb deficiencies
David W. Shearer, MD, MPH with orthopaedic trauma faculty October 2013: INTERNATIONAL OUTCOMES
Improving Outcomes Where the Need Is Greatest: OREF grant recipient seeks optimal treatment for patients with femoral fractures in Tanzania
Christopher K. Kepler, MD, MBA September 2013: VERTEBRAL DISKS
Taking the Pain Out of Disk Degeneration: OREF grant recipient seeks understanding of pain triggers
Reuben Gobezie, MD August 2013: ARTHRITIS
Saying “No” to Arthritis: OREF grant recipient isolates a key protein
Amanda D. Marshall, MD July 2013: JOINT REPLACEMENT
Determining the Role of Particulate Debris in the Development of Osteolysis: OREF grant recipient hopes to improve joint replacement success rates
Bang H. Hoang, MD June 2013: OSTEOSARCOMA
Fighting with and for Adolescent Osteosarcoma Patients: OREF grant recipient is reducing the threat of bone cancer
May 2013: BONE LOSS
The Pathophysiology of Bone Loss: OREF grants help clinician scientist on the road to cell-based therapies
Chitra L. Dahia, PhD April 2013: VERTEBRAL DISKS
Disk Regeneration: A Dream Within Reach?—OREF grant recipient is discovering clues
Bicyclers March 2013: ALLOGRAFTS
Engineering Periosteum to Promote Bone Graft Healing: OREF grant recipient aims to reverse the failures of allografts
Jonathan G. Schoenecker,MD, PhD February 2013: BONES
Connecting Science to Care: OREF grant recipient is translating coagulation research into bone health
Tibial specimen January 2013: OSTEOLYSIS
Taking Another Look at Osteolysis: OREF grant recipient examines the role that fluid pressure plays
Bengs, Benjamin December 2012: HIP
Stemming the Effects of Bone Loss: OREF-funded study may lead to more informed preoperative THA decision making
Tendon Repair

November 2012: TENDON REPAIR
Research Aims at Regenerating Tendons: OREF grant recipient seeks a new normal for patients


Fighting Osteoarthritis with Tissue Engineering: OREF grant recipient hopes to find the winning combination

Wellington K. Hsu, MD

September 2012: BONE HEALING
Preventing Bone Healing from Going up in Smoke: OREF grant recipient hopes to reverse the effects of dioxin


August 2012: ONCOLOGY
Preventing Renal Cell Carcinoma from Metastasizing to Bone: OREF grant recipient hopes to save lives with new treatments

Reinventing Chemonucleolysis: From Papayas to Polymers—OREF grant recipient seeks a safer treatment for herniated lumbar disks

Feeley, Brian T June 2012

June 2012: MUSCLE
Can Muscle Atrophy Be Reversed?: OREF grant recipient studies biology of muscle loss in massive rotator cuff tears

Pre- and Postoperatively, Ice Could Be Nice: OREF grant recipient investigates the effects of cryotherapy on fracture patients
April 2012: TRAUMA 
The Clinic–Lab–Clinic Loop in Understanding BMPs: OREF grant recipient looks for ways to enhance their healing effect
Knee Surgery March 2012: KNEE
Tissue Engineering for Meniscal Tears: OREF grant recipient seeks to preserve joint after treatment
Measuring Outcomes and Realities: OREF grant recipient hopes to develop an instrument that works on both levels
VTE following shoulder and elbow arthroplasty: Incidence and risk factors—OREF grant recipient hopes to reduce thromboembolic events
Liu,Xuhui December 2011: MUSCLE
Preventing muscle loss after surgery: OREF grant recipient seeks to understand role of matrix-degrading enzymes
November 2011: RESULTS
OREF supports studies in pursuit of better outcomes: Research yields new treatment options
Slover_cropped.jpg October 2011: EQUAL CARE
Why do disparities in joint care continue? OREF grant recipient studies reasons for racial, gender, economic disparities
Resident investigators put themselves to the test: A report on the OREF/ORS Southwest Region Resident Research Symposia
Hip Xray August 2011: HIP
What would Hippocrates do about DDH? OREF grant recipient wants to know when surgical reduction results begin to deteriorate
Alfred Kuo
July 2011: CARTILAGE
Developing cell-based therapies for articular cartilage injury: OREF grant recipient looks for keys to chondrogenesis
Moving forward, giving back: OREF grant spurs bone substitute research
Barsoum, Wael K
May 2011: HIP
Resurfacing and replacement: The biomechanics of stability—OREF grant recipient compares hip procedures
Lee,Joon Yung
April 2011: SPINE
Spinal synergy: Searching for new ways to treat IDD
March 2011: TOTAL JOINT
Narrowing the focus on aseptic loosening: OREF grant recipient examines role of mononuclear cells
Jenis, Louis G, MD February 2011: SPINE
BMPs: In search of the balance—OREF funds novel research to enhance the effect of BMP in spinal fusions
Wolfe Hillstrom January 2011: WRIST
Mapping the dart thrower’s arc: Grant recipients use OREF funding to study wrist motion
December 2010: RESULTS
More treatment options and better outcomes:  OREF-funded researchers continue to deliver
November 2010: SPINE
Solving the mysteries of scoliosis: OREF grant recipients look for genetic link
October 2010: TRAUMA
Early support shapes a career: Grant recipient credits OREF funding for motivating his interest in academic orthopaedics
September 2010: HAND
Quantifying impaired thumb movement in CTS: OREF grant recipient seeks new treatment approaches
August 2010: INFECTION
Solving the infection puzzle: OREF grant recipient researches bacterial causes of osteomyelitis
AAOS Now july 2010 July 2010: TRAUMA
High cholesterol and tendon injury: OREF grant recipient studies intrinsic causes of tendon problems
AAOS Now June 2010 June 2010: GIVING BACK
Orthopaedic advances depend on research, education: Million-dollar donor to OREF encourages others to give back
May 2010: SPINE
Engineering tissue for spinal fusion
Pfizer supports CME through OREF
March 2010: GIVING BACK
Full circle: Patient experience leads to a career in and a commitment to orthopaedics, OREF
Awad Lab Photo February 2010: HAND
Promising results for gene therapies: OREF funding helps produce new model
Humeral Head Allograft in Place January 2010: SHOULDER
Shouldering forward for an anatomic solution: OREF-funded study examines shoulder stability
SooHoo, Nelson F., M.D. December 2009: TOTAL JOINT
OREF-funded study measures quality care in joint replacement
Dobbs Club foot November 2009: FOOT & ANKLE
The genetics of clubfoot
Galatz Thomopoulos October 2009: SHOULDER
Rotator cuff development: Lessons for healing in adults
September 2009: EDUCATION
OREF finds new ways to partner with industry: Changing landscape requires new models
August 2009: ONCOLOGY
Predicting metastasis in osteosarcoma: OREF-funded research seeks to spare patients unnecessary pain
July 2009: KNEE
ACL research helps surgeons deliver better results: Efforts of OREF award recipient effect shift in treatment
June 2009: HIP
Hip fracture studies lead to better care, understanding: OREF award winner continues efforts to improve outcomes
April 2009: HIP
Imaging technique measures progress after pelvic osteotomy: OREF-funded study examines the disease-modifying effect of pelvic osteotomy
 Jennifer M. Wolf, MD March 2009: HAND
Getting a grip on thumb arthritis: OREF Clinician Scientist Award recipient wants to know why it's more common in women