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Grants and Awards

Grant Programs

Review Process
OREF supports independent, peer-reviewed musculoskeletal research and education seeking clinically relevant advancements that orthopaedic surgeons can apply in daily practice to improve outcomes and help patients enjoy more of life.

Research grant and award recipients are selected through OREF's independent, peer-review process, which is modeled on the process used by the National Institutes of Health.

Letters of Intent

OREF is requesting Letters of Intent for the Career Development, Prospective Clinical Research and New Investigator grant categories. These letters are being used strictly as a tool to ensure that the OREF Grants Team invites the proper number of reviewers in the appropriate areas for the review process.

Important: You will not be able to access the components of the application until your Letter of Intent has been submitted and approved by the OREF Grants Team. Letters will be approved as they are received. Although the submission deadline for the Letters of Intent is August 15, we recommend you submit your letter early to ensure that you have adequate time to complete the application. Application materials will be available soon after your submission.

Who can Apply?
OREF invites applications for funding for qualified, clinically relevant orthopaedic research and education projects.

For more information, please contact:
Ponda Barnes, MPH, CRA
Vice President, Grants
(847) 430-5109
Mary Marino
Grants Manager
(847) 430-5108
Carmen Metoyer
Program Manager
(847) 430-5111

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